Who fights monsters? Teddy bears, of course! – Dark Horse Comics: The Secret Order of the Teddy Bear
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Who fights monsters? Teddy bears, of course! – Dark Horse Comics: The Secret Order of the Teddy Bear

August 14, 2019

[MUSIC PLAYING] BOBBY: Daddy! DAD: Are you going up? MOM: I went last time. BOBBY: Daddy! DAD: All right. BOBBY: Daddy! DAD: I’m coming, Bobby. I’m coming. BOBBY: Hurry! Dad. DAD: What seems to be
the problem, sport? BOBBY: It was a monster. A big green monster
with lots of arms. It was the same one
I saw before. DAD: Bobby, we’ve talked
about this before. There’s no such thing
as monsters. BOBBY: No daddy, it’s true. There is a monster,
and he’s this big. DAD: Now Bobby– BOBBY: It’s true dad, and it
says it’s going to get me. DAD: That’s not going
to happen. Your mom and I are just
downstairs, and we’re not going to let anything
happen to you. BOBBY: But– DAD: No buts. You’re a big boy now. You need to stop being
afraid of the dark. Monsters don’t appear just
because the light goes out. Goodnight son. I’ll see you in the morning. Remember, you’re
Bobby’s room. Bobby? Son? Son? Are you OK? BOBBY: Yes daddy, just
like you said. I’m perfectly safe. [MUSIC PLAYING] -The [INAUDIBLE], young in
years though he may be– possesses a rare quality
of charisma. And the crew of the August,
having known him only minutes, loved him like a comrade.

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  1. Miss Susan uses a fireplace poker on them and then leaves the bodies of the boogie men out in the alley behind the house.

  2. Woah, whoever wrote The Secret Order of the Teddy Bears is really something, I never came across such originality before, I like it. I never really experianced monsters under my bed or closet before… I guess I had a HUGE horde of Teddy Bears and Stuffed Animals in my room to protect me… "Strength in numbers"

  3. *Crashing, struggle sounds coming from small child's room in the middle of the night

    Better never look up from my magazine or away from my computer.

    Parents of the fucking year

  4. If you hide under the covers, the monsters can't get you. The sheets burn them or something. I'm not sure. I'm not a scientist.

  5. Funny how we are developing a game about this, started a little 10 months ago!

    and now this comic! haha even the teddy has similar design!

  6. Haha! Sick! Also, Watch "Sexy Nightmare Slayers"(Team Unicorn). Its kinda the same Idea, but live action and it has Boobies and Curves.

  7. The monsters can't get you if your under the covers. You're right! It burns them, and then the bears leap off, and take out their pop guns, cardboard swords, plastic knives, AND KILL THEM! of course parents don't believe us! They never see then cuz when they get older, something happens to them and they can't see them!

  8. This makes me nostalgic to watch "Super Ted", would've loved to see the Teddy Bear fight scene though :).
    nicely done!

  9. Richard Epcar! ROBOTECH/MACROSS FOREVER! Oh, BTW funny story. Someone I know invited him to see the Green Lantern movie with me and some friends, and he went on the event page and said: "I'd love to join you guys, but I'm in texas."

  10. Everynight when I go to bed I sleep with my teddy bear he named after me wisdom and he been protecting ever since childhood.Back in my day I had various bad dreams of me drowning in water causing me to suffer aquaphobia meaning fear of water and sometimes I get afraid of the dark but still like it through but also there other fear I also suffer from like insectophobia meaning fear of bugs,anthophobia meaning fear of flowers,ichthyophobia meaning  fear of fishes sometimes astraphobia meaning fear of thunderstorms, and sometimes fearing the letter A.And if I m alone in the home or apartment by myself with nobody around I'll use my teddy bear and my nightlight to go to sleep peacefully so that I won't have to worry about anything creepy imaginary things bothoring my sleep and ignore the footsteps sounds I heard in my apartment.My teddy bear looked after me even when I take a bath, when I m alone by myself, when I m in a bad mood and everything and focus on having good dreams although I still sometimes have bad dreams but depending if I ever see or heard something scary but on the other hand wisdom the teddy bear is a good nightmare buster for me and I thank him even when I die I want him to be inside my casket yeah to the yes hahahaha love your video thank you for the interesting video this video made my night yahoo yeah.

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