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  1. Felix: everyone will be bored if I just stay here the whole time

    Me, deeply entertained and more engaged than I ever have been before: what

  2. The more I watch this series the more I realize how smart Felix is. I say pursue a career in engineering when YouTube dies

  3. t-series says PewDiePie you Will lose PewDiePie says congratulations and your subcriber is growing very fast 1 year later huh PewDiePie loser and I said f * ck

  4. communifire love your videos you are the best ever my cousin's watch you my brother watched everyone watched you because you are

  5. Давайте залайкаем етот комент как будто я написала что то умное

  6. Felix: Plays Minecraft after like 5years and builds a complex redstone system
    Me: playing Minecraft like every week struggles to build a automatic water farm

  7. Кто русский за лайкайте мой комментарий чтобы иностранцы подумали что я написал что то Крутое)))

  8. รักครับ:)
    Love you
    I very very very very like you

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