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WHY DO FOALS EAT MANURE? // Versatile Horsemanship

March 4, 2020

this video is about our three-month-old
full-name Manzer who really enjoys snacking on his mother’s manure now some
people may be wondering why on earth would he want to eat manure and truly
find it completely repulsive but let me assure you that there is a reason behind
why he’s doing this now stay tuned and I’ll explain if you’d like to learn more
about Manzer or follow his journey I’ll leave a link down in the description
below that’ll take you to his full playlist shortly after our full was born
a common question that I would hear is why is Manzer eating his mom’s poop
well foals often do not have much bacteria in their gut when they are born
so they rely on their environment eating manure is a quick way for them to
get the proper bacteria that adult horses have as soon as possible may
foals start exploring the tastes of their environment by eating manure of
adult horses often just mom’s but will branch out to other horses and even
their own there are some risks from them eating manure they can potentially pick
up some infectious agents that cause diarrhea like the rotavirus or
salmonella they can also ingest the eggs of
internal parasites adult horses eat manure due to boredom or nutritional
deficiencies if you have concerns about your horse eating manure please be sure
to contact your veterinarian if you’d like to learn more about horses and
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thanks so much for watching you

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  1. When would they stop doing this, assuming they weren't bored or lacking the good gut bacteria? Do all foals do this? Thanks for sharing this info, it was interesting (even tho a little gross)!

  2. The very first video I ever saw of yours was called putting my pony in a truck
    also do you have any tips for horse that constantly pulls against you when you're lunging or making them go over trot poles I have tried disengaging their hip popping the halter a little bit whenever they pull and I've been doing this for a couple weeks and I don't see any difference at all not even the slightest bit I've disengaged their hindquarters making a backup 5 or 6 steps and then going back into it there's no change

  3. I watched a documentary where a silverback gorilla pooed into his hand and ate it. They said it was a warm snack on a cold morning! It certainly was steaming!!! 😊😊😊

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