Why do Furry Cons Need {Theme}s | Episode 67
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Why do Furry Cons Need {Theme}s | Episode 67

March 4, 2020

You’re going to a convention, pumped but
unsure what to wear, or what to commission from an artist once you’re there. It’s just another furry con, right? You’ve been to one or five furry cons and
you’ve seen it all. How can these outlandish, crazy, colourful
cons keep it fresh? Furry cons have themes. But why? Shouldn’t talking animals be enough of a theme
for anyone? Furries, but they’re in the 1980’s or
the 1920’s, the post apocalypse future, the steampunk past, or any other time period
real or imagined is culturally f’d. I am a sucker for a good theme. I like to host my own themed parties at home
even with matching decorations, snacks and an outfit. Although I’ll be lucky if even a couple
of my party attendees take part. It’s gotten to the point where I’m thrilled
at anything above a 0% effort to engage with the silly theme. If a convention theme really speaks to me
I will go all out. I’ll wear appropriate t-shirts, I’ll dress
Rusty up in something that matches the theme. But we’re already going to an event where
cartoon animals have jumped from the page and screen into real life: cosplaying, dancing
and parading right in front of us, Why do furry cons have themes? First of all, themes tempt people into going
to the con. If you’re nervous to go to your first fur
con, but you love retro sci-fi, finding out that’s this year’s theme can make you take
the leap. The Theme in this regard is like a bigger
social ice-breaker, and you can easily spot the other attendees going all-out on the theme
of that event. A unique theme also helps differentiate one
con from another in a year. All things being equal, you might not be very
excited about going to a second furry con this year. But if they both have themes you or your friends
are stoked about, you’re more likely to consider going. If your local “Harry Potter” themed furry
con wasn’t your style, maybe travel to the next city over for their “Video Game”
themed con. If you’re a long-time con attendee, you’d
be less inclined to hit up a convention again if you think you’ve seen it all. Having a theme can draw out different groups
of friends, creators, and even non-furry outsiders like journalists and locals. You never know who you’re going to meet when
the face of the con changes radically from year to year. This brings us to our second point. Variety is the spice of life. And just like how you wouldn’t want every
fursona to be a fox, conventions are more interesting if they’re unique. One way to achieve that is to give your con
a theme. If you’re gonna be a fox, be a vaporwave
fox or a space fox. Themes help keep years from blending one into
the next. While you might not remember if a friend met
you at OWOcon 2015 or 2016, it’s easy to remember the convention as “the steampunk year” or
“the space opera year.” I often forget what year my first furry convention
was, but I do remember the theme. It was 2010, Camp Feral and the theme was
“Feral the 13th”, fitting because it’s a summer camp and their 13th year. They built the theme into their regular events
like Predator/Prey where a Jason-like fursuiter would insta-kill players. A creative way to build on what’s otherwise
“furry summer camp”. Con Themes also provide a framework for mixing
it up. If your theme one year is cartoon capers,
you can’t just invite the realistic furry artist you had as Guest Of Honour last year. You might add some panels about 2D animation
or toon physics. Certainly, you’d want to bring in artists
who can draw toony anthros to work on your promo art, signs, conbook, and badges. Together, these changes can give a furry con
a very different vibe from one year to the next. Viewed from another angle, a con theme is
a constraint. While that sounds like an imposition, it can
actually be very helpful. Constraints encourage creativity—and furries
are nothing if not creative. Let’s say a con’s theme is Ancient Greece. The time period, not really old cooking oil. You might be inspired to build wings for your
horse fursuit or even toga! Or you might convince a buff furry-curious
friend to don a minotaur head. Or you may wrap some bedsheets around your
otter suit and go as a siren. None of that might have happened without the
creative prompt of a theme. What’s more, it’s going to be really fun to
see all those costumes wandering around together in the lobby, interacting. And that’s just cosplay. Picking the Roaring 20s as your theme could
influence everything from the pieces created for the art auction to the cocktail menu at
the bar to what books are sold in the dealer den to the electro-swing music in the rave
vs any other genre. Culturally F’d is proud to be invited as
Camp Feral’s 2019 Guests of Honor. The theme of this years camp is ……. “Theme”
which inspired this video. Feral is no stranger to intense themes. Last year the theme was “Tassels”, an
introduction to a 3 year “dada-ist” theme collection. From Wikipedia: Dadaism is an artistic movement
in modern art that started around World War I. Its purpose was to ridicule the meaninglessness
of the modern world. Its peak was 1916 to 1922, and it influenced
surrealism, pop art, and punk rock. It favored going against the standards of
society. In a way, these are deconstructing what a
con theme even does. While we didn’t attend Feral 2018, we saw
lots of buildup on social media, tassel themed badges, tassels for your fursuits, tassel
making workshops at the con. For a silly simple theme, it was actually
quite effective at and a lot of fun. But it goes against what you would think of
for most other con themes. For the theme “theme”, campers are encouraged
to B.Y.O. Theme, and adopt your own “themesona”. Rather than being “lol random”, “theme”
gives us an opportunity to dive into the surrealism of dressing up as an animal in the middle
of the forest. Or screw it, give into the random and play
your con theme like a jumbled card game mixing the decks of Magic the Gathering, Cards Against
Humanity and Uno and seeing what you end up with. I don’t know what are themes? Themes are like costumes or cosplay but for
the convention itself. Themes are like costumes or cosplay but for
the convention itself. It gives the con a different personality and
lets everyone be on the same page. The theme is like the cons mask, which is
just the colourful flavour to the furry party that’s just underneath. But just like a flavour, certain themes can
become tired, over used, and done to death. Camp Feral has a list of banned themes for
their year of theme. This brief list represents the con themes
that we’ve seen a thousand times. So you were actually the art Director for
a couple cons right so what’s it like art directing a con theme? It’s a theme which is designed by committee
even though I am a creative director I still have to work with a creative committee if
you will to make sure all pieces fit not just in a way that actually works but in a way
that makes people happy. Having said that, there’s a lot of compromises
that can happen with something like a furry convention theme or the branding for one. Doesn’t help that I kind of get confused with
this sort of stuff and abstract detail anyway in terms of just trying to communicate something
clear from the source being multiple people to the audience being even more people. Channeling that can become really tricky. And if all else fails you just take a regular
genre and just make it super furry! Yeah, exactly. Mystery novels but furry Blink182 but furry Divinchi Code but furry… that would actually be really
cool you could have like an escape room or something. So with Camp Feral 2019, we are thrilled to
be Guests of Honour. What do you think about the theme {theme}? It might actually be more clever than we think
it is. I think if people participate it takes a load
off of the staff trying to cover details of the theme when really they just kind of be
as free run as possible. People can’t really have wrong answers. Only furries could think of a way to deconstruct
con theme. Game of themes For me a good con theme is something you can
integrate into cosplay, and the drink menu, and the rave A brand! in essence! Yeah, you build a whole brand around it It’s what got me excited into doing branding
for a convention in the first place. And I mean with something like “Rock the Fandom”,
what to draw for that, hell yeah! But it’s also you have panels, you have concerts,
you have the rave. And Furry music is something that should be
inspired more and encouraged more for growth in general. A theme like that really encouraging more
of that talent to come up and show themselves Plus, our very own Rusty Shacklefur made a
sneak peek on the VIP badges that year. Mmmhmmm I wonder how he got there. Who knows Rusty gets his way He sneaks about So what do we do with the con theme of {theme}? I really couldn’t think of a good Themesona
when I was registering (likewise) so I took Dralen’s suggestion of “Campturally Feral’d”. My personal themesona is generally like “costume
box”… Bring your own theme. I’m gonna be RedBull Racing! Racecars! I like fast things Racecars is a perfectly acceptable theme VROOM Please let us know down in the comments what
your themesona would be whether or not you get to go to Camp Feral. You can always get on the waitlist of Camp
Feral but spots are limited. To attend future Camp Ferals make sure to
sign up to their newsletter. Cause that’s where registration is announced. We have been your hosts Underbite and Arrkay. Thank you for watching! And extra big thank you to Camp Feral for
inviting us to be guests of honour of 2019. See you there! The theme for us this close out is “pop icons”
Let’s do the time warp again! And rewatch that episode. And these are our wonderful fans! For just a dollar a minute you can be on the
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  1. I feel like if I could go to camp feral I would have everything labelled as what it is. Like a hat that says hat, a shirt with shirt on it and a name tag with furry written on it.

  2. Oh God. I just realized we're close to episode 69, and its inevitable topic.

    As for the vid, I'd say themes just show how artistic furries can get. It's part of the furry nature to be creative with design, even with their characters. Very nice and fluffy!

  3. Sometimes con themes really don't click with me, but I would go to it just because it's so damn close. I just wanna hang with my friends there.

  4. My themesona is LOINCLOTHS! MUAHAHAHAHA! Leather skirts, fundoshi, Langot , breechcloth… muahahaha!!!

  5. You guys did not include WUFF on your list of cons. They are small but seem cool. And no I have not been, but I want to some day. They have their own YouTube channel.

  6. The reason for the " boring same themes" is probably because it's easier for people to dress up and provide art. For instance, a con has a After Man/ Post Apoc theme. Great, I can search through my art and submit a bunch of artwork that fits that theme.

  7. I went to an anime con that was a haunted house theme, and it was fun to bring out the more Halloween themed costumes, have a free candy booth, and the registration desk decorated with cobwebs and spiders! Pretty cool theme, since I've seen some poorly executed ones. It's a lot of fun to see how people encorporate themes into the art contest, cosplay contest, and panels. At this anime con, I wore a black cat partial with some colourful accents I just made, and I got some accessories and put together a Harajuku inspired look based off of decora and party kei, but toned down a tad. Still a fun look, and I'd love to do more looks with that OC! I gotta live my teenager dreams of being a ravercat!

  8. When MFF temporary stopped their themes they actually provide their point cons don't need themes to be successful, but people who go to these cons want them. It was because of overwhelming demand they actually brought the themes back

  9. There’s one close to where I live themed: “70’s retro sci-fi”
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