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September 3, 2019

– [Woman] Yeah, he’ll be fine. – [Kayla] I’m not standing
behind him though. – [Connie] Hi! – [Shawn] Hi, horsey! What’s your name? – [Woman] Rusty. – [Shawn] Hi, Rusty, look at you! – [Connie] Rusty, look at this one! – [Man] You take Amiga. – [Shawn] We’ve got horses. – [Connie] Hi baby! – [Shawn] Rusty. – Horses are in our house right now! – [Connie] Yeah. – [Tyler] A big horse. – All right, so we’ve set up,
like, a track in the house and then we can race the horses or… (upbeat music) – Hey everyone, it’s We Are the Davises! – Woo! – Yay! – I love those guys. They’re the best! – I know, right! – So, today’s gonna be really fun. We are celebrating
Father’s Day a little late this year just because we’ve been busy trying to get ready for our move. And I know you guys haven’t
seen a ton of that yet but you’re gonna. But today we’ve got to
remember how awesome Shawn is. – Yeah. – For all the hard work
that he does for us. Yeah, he’s an awesome cook. (laughter) – Yeah, he’s pretty good. – And I clean really well,
and uh, what else do I do? (laughter) Sleep. – You have really good hair. – Yeah, really good hair. Woo, look at that baby. – Gotta be proud of that! – You should shave the
sides and make it an M. – Who else has a capital
M on their forehead? – Mr. Man. – Mr. Dad, right here. – So we’re gonna do our best to celebrate Father’s Day today and
show Shawn how special he really is. – Thank you guys! – And for all of you guys
out there that celebrated Father’s Day, Happy Father’s Day! – Happy Father’s Day to all
the fathers in the world. – All you awesome fathers out there. So let’s see what we can
do to make this day really, really cool. – Alright, can’t wait. – Foot massage? – Ahh, no! – Sure. – I’m not doing that, can’t do that, no. – My feet are nasty, like,
no, I ain’t touching that. Are you crazy? – I don’t know. – I actually got a really cool surprise. It’s gonna be here any minute. – Come on! – The door just rang. Let’s see who it is. – [Kids] A pony! – [Shawn] Hey! – [Connie] Hello! Oh, look how cute they are! – You got me a pony? No way! – [Shawn] You got a pony for Father’s Day! – My little pony. Oh, it’s got bows and
ribbons on it, sweet! – [Connie] You guys want
to come to the back? Let’s go inside, come on. – Can they come inside?
– The horses can? – [Connie] Yep. – They might poop.
– Oh well. – Yeah, he’ll be fine. – [Kayla] Okay, I’m
not standing behind it. – Hi!
– Hi, horsey! What’s your name? – [Woman] Rusty. – [Shawn] Hi, Rusty! Look at you, you’re so pretty. – [Connie] Look at this one! – [Shawn] Yeah, you take Amiga. We’ve got horses. – [Connie] Hi baby, come on. – Horses are in our house right now. – [Connie] Yeah! – [Tyler] A big horse and a small horse. – Right, so can we set up,
like, a track in the house and we can race the horses, or… – [Connie] Feel a little warm. It’s probably nice and
cool in here, though. Getting a little break. Look at the beautiful bows in her hair. – [Kayla] I forgot how big horses were. – Horses.
– Yeah, pony’s perfect. – [Kayla] At least I’m
taller than it, right now. – [Connie] You’re just like a big doggy. – In my house. – [Connie] Yeah, so, what do you think? – Uh, it’s an unusual Father’s Day. I’ve never had anything like this before. – [Connie] There you go. – Where’s my cowboy hat? – [Connie] Oh, the cowboy hat, yeah. – She has strong enough legs. – [Shawn] There you go. – [Connie] You guys look awesome! So how do you feel? Do you feel like a cowboy? – Yes ma’am. – [Connie] Should I have
got your cowboy hat? – If you would be much obliged. – [Connie] Okay, well,
just one second then. Here, Tyler, you hold the camera. – [Tyler] Hey Kayla, how
do you feel right now? – I feel like Daddy’s
a little more high up. – [Woman] I’m glad we
brought the big horse. – [Tyler] Hi, little horsey. Hi, big horsey. – This is Amiga and the
little one is Rusty. – [Shawn] Amiga and Rusty. – [Woman] Yes. – Howdy, ma’am. – [Connie] So, we get to
walk them down the street and stuff, so you guys get to
go for a little horse ride. – Sweet! – [Connie] Horsey rides! Yay! We get them for 2 hours. That’s gonna seem like a long time. – 2 hours? – [Connie] Yeah, you get to
play with them for 2 hours. And pet them, and feed
them, and ride them. – I want a pony. – Here’s your test drive. Cause where we’re moving, we’re gonna have a ranch
in the neighborhood, so we can rent and have horse training and everything. Hi! Okay so what’s, what’s… Is this a he or a she? – [Woman] He, they’re both boys. – [Connie] They’re both boys! You have pink bows on! You fooled me. – [Woman] Step right up here. Now take your left leg and swing it over. There you go. – I’m so tall. – [Kayla] That looks so scary. – I can’t even reach the thingies. – [Connie] Daddy’s feeding the horsies. – [Shawn] Oh, you like apples. – [Connie] All the apples are
falling cause they’re trying to eat them off the plates. – [Shawn] You want one? – [Connie] Oh, it’s so good. – [Shawn] There we go, we got one. – [Connie] You guys got
the best apples ever! – [Shawn] Only the best
for our horsey guests. – [Connie] Do they get skittish
if you walk behind him? – It’s generally a good rule
to not walk behind a horse but these guys, they’ve
been through a lot. – [Connie] Yeah. They’re probably really used to crowds. – Oh yeah. – There you go. Howdy ma’am. – So, what do you think? Is it the best Father’s Day, yet? – It’s cool, I like it. It’s unique. I’ve never gotten horses
for Father’s Day before. Or any other day for that matter. So, this is pretty cool. (country music) – Hey, this is fun. – You want to take
horseback riding lessons? – Um, that horse is really big. – I get it, that’s what you’d be on. – [Shawn] Pony riding lessons. – Pony riding lessons? – Pony riding, let’s do that. – Okay, the kids have switched off and now Tyler’s riding Rusty. But Rusty is a pony, so we’re
gonna keep this walk short. Because Tyler is maxing out the weight. – A fly flew in my ear! – But Kayla is on the
bigger horse right now. There’s Kayla and Amiga. (acoustic music) – I like when the cars go by
’cause people stare at you. – I know, “What’s going on?” – How far is it to Dodge City? – [Connie] Shawn’s getting his
horsey ride for Father’s Day. Cause he’s super cool like that. – Yay! Horsey! – So, can you tell us what
it’s like to be a famous YouTube star and ride a horse? – It’s awesome, darling. – You’re awesome? Yeah. – Yes. Waving to the fans. – The neighbors? The neighbor fans? – The angry neighbors as we trollop through the neighborhood. (chuckling) – The horses are only eating
their grass and pooping on their yards, not a big deal. It’s good for it. It’s just horse poo. (upbeat music) – It’s time for the ponies to go. – Bye, bye horsies. Thank you for wishing
me a Happy Father’s Day. – It’s so sweet. – I was gonna say “puppy love” because they’re like big puppies. We got some pony love! – Got pony love. You’re not supposed to be
eating the grass there. – Thank you guys so
much for bringing them. We really enjoyed it. – Aww look at that we’re twins. – They’re best buds. So we’re gonna say goodbye
to Amiga and Rusty. Bye guys, thank you
for coming to visit us. – [Shawn] Bye, bye horsies. – But we’re not done! We still have some presents to open. – Yay! Presents! – Okay, now that the horses have gone, we’re gonna flash back
to when Kayla and I went and did some Father’s Day shopping. And then, we’ll get to open the gifts! – Yay. – It’s Kayla and Connie and
we are back at the mall. We are out to get some Father’s Day gifts. So, we’re gonna do some
shopping at the mall. – Yay. – First place is gonna be Dillard’s. We’ve gotta find him a wallet. His wallet’s exploded. It doesn’t even hold anything anymore. It’s pathetic. What else were you thinking? – I don’t know. I need to find something. – It’s so hard to shop for dads. Like, what do they need? They don’t care. They don’t want things. – Yes, they do. – What do they want? – It’s just hard to tell what they want. – Ooh, ooh! Let’s get him a puppy! – (gasp) Really!? Really, really? Really, really, really, really? – Only if he potty trains him. – I’ll potty train him. (laughs) – Score, we found wallets. Should we get him black or brown? – Black, he had a black one. Look at these socks. Or should I get him chocolates? – Barbecue socks. (laughs) – There’s cat socks. – That doesn’t look like a guy thing. Show them what Kayla wants to get. Maybe we should get him
some 4th of July socks. At least he could wear those. But he’ll probably wear flip flops. – Yeah but he can only wear them– Ooh, mustache socks. Actually, nevermind. I got the socks. So we got ducky socks, rubber duckies. We got tacos. And cats wearing sunglasses. – I have a feeling these are
going to become Kayla’s socks. Watch. So we showed the socks
and we got the wallet. It’s a tri-fold wallet. I know you guys love those details. That means it opens up. – Like this and it goes,
goes like over top. – Yeah, like that. (laughter) Anyways, it’s exactly like the one he has that’s falling apart. So, I think he’ll love it. Alright, so, the kids
don’t have envelopes. so, here’s their cards. – This one’s from me. – Envelope-less card, okay. – Press there! – Nuts, the singing squirrel. (party music) (laughter) “Best Dad Ever,” right here, I have proof. Right, so, all you doubters out there– – Number one. – Best dad ever. Thanks baby boo-boo. Muah. Okay, this one’s from Tyler. Press here. (laughter) – He’s a gamer! – We got a gamer. – It only makes sense. – From Tyler, it just says Tyler. The “That’s” means “From.” So, From Tyler, thanks
buddy , I love you, man. – Yep. – My boy. Yes, my boy. “To the man of my dreams.” Aww. “In the dreams you snore a little less “but the rests perfect.” (laughter) – I had a joke about Shawn’s story. He doesn’t do it a lot, it goes in phases. It’s very minor, actually. – “You make our lives wonderful. “You’re an amazing husband and father. “Love, Connie.” Aww, baby. Thank you. – Ew. (laughter) – Okay. – Sorry for the mushy moment,
but that was very sweet. – This one’s from me. You have to open mine first. – I have to open Kayla’s first, okay. Oh, yes! Look, it’s red paper! Oh. Nice. – We got that at Disney World. – You can have that one. – Oh I can have that one? There’s more. – Yeah, that’s a Rice
Crispy Treat, by the way. So, because they’re trying to swipe mine. – And it says “Dad” on there. – I thought we would divert him. – Some socks. – Cats wearing sunglasses, tacos… – Taco socks? And rubber duckies. Okay, here, you can have those. – You better show them. – Oh, sorry. Here’s the rubber duckies. – That one’s totally Dad’s. – Kitty cats with sunglasses. This is totally, like, Kayla’s thing. – It’s raining tacos. – And tacos, so there’s Tyler’s. – From out of the sky. – I get rubber duckies. – Oh, but Mommy doesn’t get one. – She can have– I’ll give her one of my rubber duckies. – Okay. – So we’ll be like twinsies. – Okay, so, I wonder what this is? (laughing) – It’s not alive. – It’s not ticking. So it’s not a watch. It is a black case. Roundtree and Yorke, I’ve
never heard of them before. – Paper. – A new wallet! Oh my gosh! I totally need one of these. Mine’s like totally falling apart. – And yours is never
coming out of the box. – It’s cool, it’s got
one of those FBI badges and I go, Shaun Davis, FBI. Shaun Davis, FBI. – Okay, this one’s from all of us. – Oh, that’s the best one! – That’s the best one? – Yeah. – Better than the horses. – Better than the– Is there a horse in here? No way! My iPad totally died. 64 gigabytes with Wi-Fi baby. That is so awesome. Oh man, like, my iPad is so– I got the iPad two and every
time I click on something it may or may not work. – We all have an iPad two, still. – So, yeah, we don’t really
use them that much anymore. – We just use our phones. – Yeah, our phones, but I– – He still likes to have the iPad, so… – Yeah! Check out stuff, go on the web and I like having the big screen. This is awesome, this is really great. Thank you guys so much! Group hug everybody, come here. – Okay. – So we want to make sure to wish all of you awesome fathers out there Happy Father’s Day. Although it was a week ago. – Happy belated Father’s Day, it was totally worth the wait! – You know, you’re all special, every day. It doesn’t really matter when we wish you a Happy Father’s Day. You’re all awesome. We’re gonna go get some food and celebrate your belated Father’s Day. – I gotta put my socks on. – You gotta put your socks on? – We are signing off. – Kayla’s gotta put her toes in some socks before we can say goodbye to you guys. – I hope you guys enjoyed this video. Like, subscribe, share this video with your friends and family. Until next time. – [All] Bye. (piano music)

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