Why Prisoners Are Spending Their Sentences Taming Horses
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Why Prisoners Are Spending Their Sentences Taming Horses

August 18, 2019

Speaker 1: He’s afraid. He’s terrified. It’s a new environment. It’s a new place. He’s in a cage. Randy Helm: Wild horses are symbols of the
American West. Speaker 2: You can feel him breathing and
looking more, like, “Well, are they here?” Speaker 5: The horse represents me. It just ran wild all its life. Speaker 3: He had a good life and we had a
good life. Speaker 5: I’ve only known the streets-
Speaker 2: We didn’t see it until it took hold. Speaker 5: … and drugs. Randy Helm: There’s a saying in horse training,
we make the wrong thing hard, and the right thing easy. That’s what I try to instill in the inmates. Speaker 5: The horse is always looking for
release from pressure. Speaker 4: We really have to work to earn
their trust. Male: Patience is the key. Speaker 3: None of us are really bad people. Randy Helm: My life is falling apart and I
don’t know how I’m going to exist. Male: He’s got a past. He knows what broken is, he knows what fear
is. Randy Helm: Working in law enforcement, you
can get very jaded where it’s just us and them. But if you let it, it will give you a real
different view of people. Speaker 5: I’ve been incarcerated most of
my life. You’re never at bottom unless you let go of
the shovel. Randy Helm: You kind of hold your breath on
some of that, because they’re going to go back into an environment. They have old relationships and patterns. Speaker 5: It’s a hard chance. It’s a real hard chance. Male: Keep me true, Lord Jesus. Keep me true. Speaker 5: He’s not better than, he’s humble. Male: There’s a race that I must run. There are victories to be won. Speaker 5: And I was supposed to meet him. Male: Give me power every hour to be true. Speaker 4: I see so much beauty in him. Speaker 5: I don’t think they’re putting it
together, of what it’s going to do for these inmates.

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