Why to use the Sportz-Vibe ZX Horse Blanket
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Why to use the Sportz-Vibe ZX Horse Blanket

August 18, 2019

Williams from Horseware, and I’m today to talk
to you about our Sportz-Vibe Massage Rug and the new rug,
the Sportz-Vibe ZX Massage Rug. Both our Sportz-Vibe rugs are
made from lightweight breathable materials.
That means you can use it after exercise when your horse
is still a bit warm and then won’t get over hot. A lot
of the massage rugs can be quite heavy and not breathable.
So that’s one of the benefits of the massage rug. You can also
move the panels around, which means that you can put the
panels where you need them. Some of the benefits of this rug
is the fact that the massage panel is set at quite
a low hertz. And what this means is that you reduce the muscle
tension rather than overworking the muscles. There’s nothing
worse than preparing your horse for exercise with a massage
device and overworking the muscles and then halfway
through riding the horse they’re actually tired. So the panels
are set at a low hertz and they alternate
and they’re intermittent. This means that if you relax
the muscles allow blood flow into the muscles
without overworking them and making them tired. The reason
horses need massage rugs like this is because they’re working
so hard. When horses are working hard the muscles get tight,
stiff and sore and when they’re stiff and sore blood flow is
compromised to the muscle. Muscles need a lot of blood flow
and oxygen. So by relaxing the muscle, get the blood flow
back into the muscle, hope to recover and repair. The Sportz-Vibe ZX
or the Sportz-Vibe Original is ideal to work alongside
your physio, in between appointments, to help keep their
muscles relaxed, to keep the blood flow and oxygen for
repair and recovery. If you’re unsure of anything
using the rug, please always consult your vet and always make
sure when your horse is in a stable using the massage
rug that they have access to water because you’d be amazed
that it can actually make them thirsty while their muscles are
being relaxed.

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