Why You Should Bond With Your Horse – Red Dead Redemption 2 – Horse Guide
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Why You Should Bond With Your Horse – Red Dead Redemption 2 – Horse Guide

August 17, 2019

Hello ladies and gentlemen my name is
Andrew and welcome to a horse guide for Red Dead Redemption 2. In this guide, I’ll
be going over the benefits of bonding with your horse. Bonding with your horse
in general actually just makes it easier to use the horse, but there’s passive and
activated benefits that are unlocked at each level, for up to four levels. The
passive benefits at level 1 are increased health and stamina. At level 2
you get an increased whistle distance, which also allows you to call your horse
during combat. At level 3 you get the ability to traverse difficult terrain, as
well as the ability to go into deeper water. At level 4 it makes it harder for
someone to steal your horse. Other passive benefits that aren’t really
level specific include things like; increased speed and acceleration and
less of a chance of your horse becoming agitated. These will just increase over
time and you’ll notice them popping up in the left side of the screen every now
and then, while you’re using your horse. The active benefits include the ability
to perform a stationary rear at level 2. All you have to do is hold R1 and press
square or X. Just keep in mind that this actually agitates your horse so you’ll have to calm it down after doing this. Just be careful not to do this too many
times because I haven’t tried but I’m guessing it’ll probably kick you off. You
gain the ability to perform a skid turn or a skid stop at level 3. So while
you’re moving really fast, holding R1 or RB, just press X or A. Just
like that. That’s the turn and this is what the
stop will look like. The ability to perform a piaffe or whatever the hell that
is, is unlocked at level 4. And it’s basically just allowing your horse to do
a few little tricks while remaining somewhat stationary. While holding square or X, you’ll notice that the horse goes into a little bit of a kind of trot
without moving forward or backward. If you just push left or right, your horse
will drift, apparently, that’s what they call drifting. This comes in handy if
you’re moving at high speeds and you might want to dodge a tree or if you
might want to dodge another horse or just an obstacle that’s in your way.
Not like that, let’s try it with this tree. It kind of slows you down a little
bit though so just keep that in mind. That’s it, that’s all you need to know
about bonding with your horse. Please don’t forget to subscribe and visit the
channel for more videos, I have a wider range of videos that you can check out. I
will have a couple more horse guides coming up as well if you’re interested
in those so stay tuned I’ll have something about horse care and
maintenance as well as how to use the stable to upgrade and customise your
horse. I might even have another video with some random horse tips here and
there as well. Once again thank you for watching and as usual ladies and
gentlemen I will see you in the next video.

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