Why You Shouldn’t Stay Silent | Online Safety #2
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Why You Shouldn’t Stay Silent | Online Safety #2

October 31, 2019

We all have secrets and that’s okay but sometimes those secrets can be too heavy to carry on your own. In this episode, the criminologist
Maria Dufva is going to tell us about why so many kids stay
silent when something bad happens. And also tells us the difference
between good secrets and bad secrets. I would say there’s a difference between
good secrets and bad secrets. You know it already. Good secrets
are the ones that make you a bit happy and you’re a bit proud maybe
to know a secret and no one else knows it. Something nice and warm and you get
happy! Bad secrets feel like a cold stone in your stomach. And you get worried when you think about it. And you get stressed, and you try not to think about it. That’s a bad secret and everyone has them of course. But if you keep a bad secret just to yourself, no one can help you. I know many kids are afraid to tell
someone they trust in real life. I know that they are afraid of consequences and I know that they put the blame on themselves. I know that those kids I’ve
met, victims of crime online or in real life, they think that they have done
something wrong, and I have heard it so many times: “I should have known,”
“Maybe I shouldn’t have talked to him,” “Maybe I should have stopped before,”
“I shouldn’t have told him or her about this.” So if kids put the blame on
themselves, they remain silent. They will not ever tell an adult. If you are a victim of crime, tell someone!
It’s not your fault! And it is really really tricky to prevent crime. Otherwise, if it was easy, we wouldn’t
have any crime in society or online. But now it’s really tricky! The best way is for you to have a close contact to an important adult that you can talk to
if something feels weird. An important adult, I would say, is the
one that you feel safe and secure with, and that you can in person turn
to whenever and talk about whatever. And you might not have that one,
but if you try to talk to adults, maybe they will be that one for you. And I would say that
you should find one that you can talk to forever. That you feel that the person has time to listen to you. So, a person that is interested and wants
you to be safe and secure not only when you go out in the traffic
or when you go to the pool and swim but also online! So, to summarise: if you are carrying around a secret that makes you feel bad, please talk to an adult. An important adult. It is common to experience feelings of shame, but it is always the offender’s fault not your fault! You’re perfect! Sometimes it can be hard to talk
to your parents. But there are other important adults that you can talk to. So here is a list of examples: Like that person! Or that person!
Those are great.

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  1. Stay safe guys, no one should be silent. Talk to your parents or a trusted adult. They won't judge you, they will help you! 💜💜💜

  2. Guys always stay safe online and in the internet. If you have someone asking for personal info online don’t tell them. And if you did something wrong tell somebody

  3. Thanks for sharing this message. Especially Star Stable's main players are at an age where it is important to know where to go and who to talk to when something happens … and that they need to talk at all.

  4. StarStable i think this is Awesome because you help some peoplekids with ''how to stay safe on internet''and its really Good for everyone.Thats why i don't add people i dont know in real life.
    Stay Safe everyone. Or tell your parents. Oh and Star Stable can you help me?
    I want to reset everything in Star stable, make New Avatar and Horse and make New start to game but it says ''Player with this Email already exist even If i delete star Stable? 🤔
    And i dont have New Starter horses, i mean hair…

  5. Thank you sso for sharing this important message! You are always caring about us. 🙂 ❤
    Yours Jenny Spacehoof

  6. Okay I just need to get this off my chest.
    First of all, it's great that you do videos like this, people who plays Star Stable is too young to understand this.
    Secondly, it's not your fault what happened to those children, yeah I get it that you want it as secure as possible but the majority of the responsibility lies in the hands of the parents. And if you let your kids write to strangers when they're young, like 7 or 8, you should be really careful and see what and to whom your child is writing to.
    Like I'm 17 but my mom still asks me from time to time on what I write and to whom, like if I know the name or the age of that person, and I like it that she does that. I know this isn't my place to say this but when I become a mom I won't let my children write to strangers until they're like 14 or something because that when they understand what's going on on the internet.

    Thank you for your time!

  7. Am I the only one who would just give fake mails and fake Passworts away, if somebody would ask me to share my private information 🤔😅

  8. its sad cuz i bought a computer called ”mac book chrome” and was so exited to download star stable again cuz my last one broke. (i ONLY bought it to play my fav childhood game) But i somewhy cant play it. It says i need a windows or a mac book. So well im tryna save up to a new one now but it was kinda sad cuz i were so exited

  9. I need help in my game, when i log on, the loading skin crash and exit i tried instaling again but dont work i tried enter in another acc and dont work again please help i payed R$198 on life time and its not dollar

  10. Thank you again 🙂 Im showing this to my younger sister because we both play Star Stable 😀 thanks! Luna Zebrarider and Izabella Cometpeak

  11. I agree but I just find it frustrating that I can't even spell out "druid" in game when trying to explain something to other players. It feels like everything you say can get censored even though nothing bad was said which can be very annoying. I don't know if it's the same for players on other servers but on the german ones it's very difficult to chat with players about anything at all. :/

  12. TL;DR: Never trust a strange stranger in an online environment.
    At this rate, SSO chat will have to be monitored more, which means less tolerance for other languages.
    Seriously people, look after yourselves out there.

  13. I am so sorry for accident wich happend to one girl, I think it's SO IMPORTANT to stay safe on internet and I really apprecitate how you are building Star Stable at safety. 💕

  14. I know this is really off of the topic of Online Safety, but… Maria is so pretty! Her green eyes are so beautiful 🙂 Her voice is also really soothing!

  15. The only important adults I have close to me are my parents (my mum at least) and my older sister. But I never really have a bad secret I try to be careful in everything I do, online or in real life. We should all be safe and careful when online.

  16. I have never in my life seen a company care so much about their users. You’re doing amazing star stable ⭐️ ❤️

  17. The thing is that it IS my fault, I’m 14 and should know better. It’s all my fault because I know everything about that you shouldn’t talk to strangers online but it still happened and I did it myself.

  18. I agree with all of this. Today on Cupcake Valley I found a Game Master(Clara) a lot of people wanted to talk in private with Clara saying they was stressed and stuff.

    Don’t keep your secrets! Your Parents/Guardians should always be the first people you tell!

    -Phoebe Stonewolf

  19. I´m really proud of you StarStableTeam ♥
    I can´t find an other online game wich is naming and explaining, what the difficults and risks in (mostly) anonymous internet (not only games) are. To all who are unsure: REALLY talk to a trusted adult! It´s not your fault, there will be a way to help you, there are no stupid questions/things to tell, there are no awkward questions/things to tell. But don´t stay alone with your questions and uncertainties.
    STAY AWSOME and YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL just the way you are.

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