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Wild Horse Adoption Program Experiences

August 23, 2019

behind me here we’ve got some young
weanlings that we’re just weaned from the mares these came off of hurt areas
north of this area last year most of these colts and fillies will go on to
our training facilities and at the mantle ranch that’s located in Wheatland
and at the honor farm in Riverton we’re pretty unique here in Wyoming talking
about the adoption side of it is that most of the horses that we offer to the
public have some sort of training so the other two facilities I mentioned are
training facilities they take on these horses after they’ve been weaned they
typically use two to three year olds in their training programs and they work
with them and that way it offers a good start for the public when they do want
to adopt one of these living legends we call this one blue and blue blue is a
Wyoming horse he came out of the mantle training facility they’ve started him
put a really green start on him and then after they got him started we saw him in
an option up in Jackson Hole and we liked his disposition like his looks so
we picked him up brought him home you know blue wasn’t wild when we got him the Mantle training facility had already started so he pretty well been that way
now this one have you ever heard the comedian Baxter Black no well Baxter
Black was at the Heber City Mustang Makeover last year and I visited with
him and shortly after that we went down to Delta Utah and I saw this force in
the herd he was as wild as they can get matter of fact I don’t think I’ve ever
seen a Mustang as scared as this one was when we loaded him up
I named him Baxter after Baxter Black brought him home and we had to really
take her time with him because he’s so timid he was so scared he he just didn’t
he wouldn’t give us his trust you know or we couldn’t give him ours and he uh
we took our time and as you can see now I’ve got a pet here this one right here
we call Roni Roni joke and Roni was caught up on white mountain right
outside of Rock Springs Wyoming he was in the holding facility there in Rock
Springs and my wife was up there just looking to Mustangs over and him never
having any human contact other than being wrangled up and caught he walked
up to my wife so he picked us this is drifter he’s a 4 year old Jackson kill
Jackson Mountain Nevada Mustang I did the extreme Mustang Makeover on him in July
of this year 2010 and he did we did really good he did everything I asked
him to do if I knew better if I knew more he would do better he would know
more but I’m very proud of this horse he’s the only, he’s small he’s a
smaller horse but I’ve never been able to wear him out I’ve had him moving cows
he loves cows loves cows he’s he’s really I’ve had been able to work out
the horses with and around him and nothing seems to worry him at all he’s
um he’s very brave if you see something that he’s worried about if you can put
his nose on it he’ll never spook at it again I’ve been able to do some pretty
crazy things to him and he just he just he does everything I asked him to do the
the most rewarding thing that I get from working with Mustangs is the bond that
you get with your horse Mustangs we have 12
and out of the 12 the the majority of them are broke to ride we have a few that
are still under training still in training but the majority of them are
just like this well we can just walk I’ve got 172 acres and walk out in the
pasture and this is what I have they come right up to you I’ve heard so many
stories about a Mustang being the wild horse that you can’t ever catch you know
once you turn them loose you can’t get them back but my wife and I and my
daughter we found that not to be true I mean there once they gain your trust are
in your pocket they follow you everywhere

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  1. I just attended a BLM mustang adoption and I had two big bay geldings come up to me and start licking my hands in just a few minutes. If I were actually in a position to take on horses (Not yet…someday) then I'd have adopted both of them on the spot. They were both friendly, gentle, and enjoyed me scratching them all over including around their ears. And they call them "wild". Those two picked me. Too bad I couldn't take them. I would have if I had a place for them.

  2. Dear, Owners of the horses i would love to take care of a horse i know how to and i love animals i have 3 dogs 1 foal and my foal would love a friend to play with!


  3. I adopted a beautiful chestnut 2 y.o. filly about 20 years ago, at Flagstaff Az. She had been caught in Nevada "area 51, Nellis bombing range ". I always told people Hannah was "bomb proof". Lol. I broke her and trained her and rode her all over those Arizona foothills. Even completed a 25 mile endurance race against some high dollar Arabians, and finished 3rd out of 30. Some of the best years of my life were with that horse.

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