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Wild Horse Auction

August 18, 2019

COMMUNICATE WITH EACH OTHER, IT IS IMPERATIVE TO TEACH STUDENTS AT A YOUNG AGE TO BE GREAT COMMUNICATORS.Melinda Kitchen, Lakeside Elementary “We have to keep looking for new ways to introduce things, to keep it current but also to make it worth their while, because we’re looking at what employers are looking for in our students when they graduate. And writing is one of them.”MORE THAN 100 TEACHERS ATTENDED TODAY’S CONFERENCE. ANDY…PITT STATE HOPES WITH THAT KIND OF INTEREST THEY’LL BE ABLE TO HOLD THE LITERACY CONFERENCE AGAIN NEXT YEAR. THANK YOU, LAUREN. AN ADOPTION EVENT IN CARTHAGE IS GIVING LOCAL GRETCHEN, WHAT’S THE PROJECT? ANDY, IT’S A FEDERAL EFFORT TO FIND GOOD HOMES FOR HORSES AND BURROS FROM PUBLIC LANDS. Cheyenne Horton, Avilla: “I’m a city girl with a country background so i’m new to all of this kind of but it’s in my blood.” Gretchen Bolander: Cheyenne Horton is looking for a horse for 4H. Cheyenne Horton, Avilla: “I’m going to do barrels, barrel racing – so i’m looking for a nice horse that will cooperate under the saddle. One that I can actually bond with.” And at $25, the price is right. The 13 year old is just one of the potential owners looking over the animals up for adoption at Civil War Ranch. The Bureau of Land Management, or BLM, is offering 40 this weekend, a small fraction of the number under federal management.Kristen Fountaine, Bureau of Land Mgmt.: “There’s 48,000 in holding facilities out west they are looking for homes.” The BLM hosts adoptions around the country, looking for areas with a high level of interest.Kristen Fountaine, Bureau of Land Mgmt.: “We found that this side of Missouri there’s a strong population – a lot of neighbor Doug Aldridge wanted to see that firsthand – and maybe adopt a horse himself. Doug Aldridge, Carthage: “You know, you’re kind of have a chance to work with and own a piece of American heritage. I think that’s cool part for everyone.” TO ADOPT, YOU MUST FIRST QUALIFY – THINGS LIKE HAVING ENOUGH PEN SPACE,

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