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Wild Horse Fertility Control

October 19, 2019

one of the reasons we will be gathering
horses in the adobe town area is so that we can treat them with fertility control
vaccine the vaccine will be using is p zp or porcine zona pellucida and this
vaccine stimulates the mare’s immune response so that she doesn’t become
pregnant over the next two years it is at this point only a two year
vaccination and BLM hopes at some point in future to have a longer-lasting
vaccine but right now that’s that is what we have we plan to vaccinate 100
mares that will be put back out onto the range there for all the mares that we
catch in return will be vaccinated with the pzp when we vaccinate mares with pzp first we give them a one dose of a primer vaccine which we just give with a
regular 3 milliliter syringe it’s just a 1 mill dose of of pzp bra pzt in an
adjuvant it when it’s mixed it looks like a mayonnaise consistency it’s white
and it has about that consistency of mayonnaise and for the 22-month pelleted
version we use a jab stick which i’m holding here and this is because there’s
three pellets that have to go into the mare it’s a 14-gauge needle which is
fairly large and so by using the jab stick it’s quick it doesn’t hurt the
mares as much and it ensures that the pzp is placed within their muscle mass
where it needs to be so that those pellets are retained in the mare so
that they can be released over the next 22 months we’ve gather extra horses or
excess horses along with those that we will ship we retain a certain number of
stallions and mares so that we can selectively control our population and
select for certain traits that are written into our herd management plans
and also we do this at this point so that we can we can gather extra mares
for fertility control purposes and then release them again generally we’re
selecting for horses obviously with good conformation that are capable of
thriving out on the range horses that are very thrifty and are capable of
maintaining their condition their body condition and reproducing on the range
and in some areas we look for Spanish traits in other areas we might look for
color traits that would be more desirable for adoption and that sort of
thing without vaccinations over the last four years that we’ve seen the Adobe
Town and Salt Wells herds have grown at approximately at twenty-five to thirty
percent rate each year and that’s total recruitment so those that means the
horses that are giving birth and the horses that are dying off we’ve seen
about a thirty percent increase overall each year over the last four years so
we’re hoping that with the PZP we will be able to curtail this and bring that
recruitment rate down so that we don’t have to gather horses as often you

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