Wild Horses Along The Salt River In Arizona
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Wild Horses Along The Salt River In Arizona

September 3, 2019

– The grasses that normally come up tried to come up but immediately withered from lack of precipitation. So at that point we started getting worried, but not too worried because wild horses have a skinny season and a fat season, we call it, and they always recuperate very fast once their resources come in really fast again. What we don’t want is wild horses associating food with people because then eventually they’d come up to all people and ask for food. So our feed stations are designed strategically so that they’re away from public areas. – I have a full-time job so this is like my friends and I now that I’ve met say this is our new gym so instead of spending hours in front of a TV or working out I come out here and this is better than anything else. It’s almost meditative and it’s really warming to be out here.

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