Wild horses sold first come, first serve
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Wild horses sold first come, first serve

August 10, 2019

wild horses are up for sale right now and through the weekend in Bozeman new this year buyers are first-come first-serve mtns Mallory Peebles has all the details [Music] the BLM estimates there’s about 73,000 wild horses and burros numbers that put them into overpopulation damaging rangeland and making it hard for them to survive so that’s why they’re here there are a lot more resilient a tough life has made these some tough horses and wild horses coming off that range have a pretty strong feed Blair Street says it’s also what can make them so desirable many are agile on rocky terrain and really smart because well they’ve had to be but their life is changing and she hopes it’s for the better because of a program run by the Bureau of Land Management urges people like me to come in and try to make it better she works with the wild horse and burro program which aims to keep wild horses thriving by removing them from the population and placing them in a home it says that protects their lives and the environment the bozeman event taking place this weekend doesn’t have any burros available but is looking to place all of these horses 25 in total most are up for sale but there’s a handful up for adoption they have 3 chances to become adopted so say they come to this event they don’t get adopted that’s a strike against them they get three strikes once they hit that three strike they become sale eligible and the price of a sale eligible horse is $25 an adoption horse is a hundred and twenty five dollars an adopted horse is eligible for return if things don’t work out if they do the title to the horse is yours after a one-year checkup is completed that’s that’s why I want to be in it is to make it better and healthy rangelands for healthy horses as our goal and that’s what I want to accomplish the BLM says that starts with events like this turning a tough life into a better one for all wild horses there have been for a wild horse and burro event so far this year with about 160 animals finding a home reporting from Bozeman I’m Mallory Peebles with MTN news that event runs until 8 o’clock tonight and then starts up again tomorrow from 8 a.m. and goes until 7 p.m. sunday will be the day that purchased and adopted horses are taken home

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