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  1. Very informative. Thank you for sharing this with us. I learned how much horses value calmness, peace and togetherness more than anything else.
    I now am beginning to theorize how it is primarily predators that greet each other with excited energy after reuniting… while these wild horses seem to do the opposite… I will never greet my horses like my dog or cat greets me! From now on, I'll stand in the field and let them come to me… or not. Bringing back food is also a predator thing, I'm guessing, now! Thank you!

  2. what would happen if this mare resisted and kicked the stallion without letting herself to be "snaked" and kidnapped AT The SPOT? she wouldn't listen to his "comands"
    i know stallions tend to steal mares but does that mean the mare cant put up much of a fight while shes in his group?

  3. Thank you for your commentaries and explanations in all your videos. I know and can 'read' dogs as I was brought up with them, but horses have always been a mystery to me. Now I feel a little more confident about understanding them; in fact, I'd love to spend oodles of time being with horses, or a horse, and building up relationship. I think it would be a healing experience, hopefully enjoyable for the horse as well as me… Once more, thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and wisdom. Very best wishes; K

  4. It seems a little strange to think that a stallion would reject one his mares who escaped her captor and returned to him by choice. Not gonna happen.

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