Will He Win (Win Win) The Tampa Bay Derby?
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Will He Win (Win Win) The Tampa Bay Derby?

August 11, 2019

Win Win Win didn’t just win his last start
at Tampa, he did so in track record time, earning him a spot in Saturday’s Tampa Bay Derby. But will he stretch out as the races get longer? We talk to his trainer, Mike Trombetta, about
this derby hopeful. Well, it was a pleasant surprise. You know, we picked that race because, you
know, I didn’t want him running two turns just yet off of the couple of five and a half’s
in the one seven eighths and the new seven eighths was something we were comfortable
with building and going forward. And, you know, he came down here and, you know,
we were hoping to run well and win, but for him to, you know, break the track record was
a nice surprise. He’s shown a lot of tactical speed and in
sprint races, which was a little bit of a surprise. And then, you know, when for one reason or
another, he didn’t get out of the gate quite as quickly as he’s capable of, you know, he set off the pace and ran at them and finished up good. So being able that we’ve seen him run both
ways, it just adds a little extra comfort. He’s a tall scopey horse. He’s, you know, carrying good weight. You know, he’s been very athletic and I want
to say kind of stands out a little bit to us, but, you know, he just kind of goes out
there and does whatever you ask him. I mean, if you want him to gallop or breathe
slowly, he’ll do it. If you want him to go fast, he’ll do it. And you know, that’s kind of been nice, because
you don’t always get those conveniences. I haven’t looked at it real hard, but, you
know, in a brief look there’s three or four horses that are, you know, really up and coming
as well. So this is part of it it’s, you know, who
defines themselves going forward. To win a race like this for Mrs. Weber would
be very special. You know, she’s close to the area. She does most all our horses are Florida breds,
you know, I’m sure she’s a huge supporter of the Florida-bred program. So, you know, it would mean a lot. We’re hoping that Win Win Win’s best distance will be on to a mile and a quarter in a couple of months.

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