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  1. This guy is following in the steps of RODNEY MULLEN AND DAEWON SONG which is awesome .Sk8ing ,Snowboarding ETC. needs more people like that

  2. I watched a skate video from this dude years ago ! The song was from Bon Jovi. Anyone else see it ?

  3. Rodney Mullen created all those tricks…thus guy is a loser. Rodney Mullen created everything. this guy shouldn't talk about skateboarding unless Rodney Mullen approves because Rodney Mullen is a genius and created everything.

  4. This is just parkour. If I stand on my skateboard in my kitchen while cooking is that "skateboarding"? I mean, he is using a skateboard…true. But this is just parkour with a skateboard.

  5. Skill? Yes. Skateboarding? No. This shits cool and all but but parkour stunts and then landing on a board in the end isn’t skateboarding. Not trying to hate cause I couldn’t do it but all this new trendy things people do involving a board is kind of frustrating when it’s referred to as actual skating.

  6. He is definitely the Skateboard Spiderman!.. my 3 man skate team would consist of William Spencer ,Richie Jackson and Rodney Mullen. GOD'S !

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