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Women Who Have Given Birth To Animals – News In History

October 16, 2019

I need you to stop pushing to give me time instruction the baby out real well, okay For most women giving birth to their own biological child is one of the most anticipated Moments in life women all over the world when pregnant are expecting to give birth to human However, these women that you’re about to hear about had a much different experience while giving birth. Hello, everyone my name is Leroy Kenton, and this is another episode of FTD news in history and we’re exploring four stories of women that actually thought they were giving birth to a Human child, but no something else came out instead Our first business our story that has to do with the woman giving birth to an animal takes us all the way over to the African country of Nigeria a woman in Nigeria gave birth to a goat-like creature the woman who is unnamed was reported to be pregnant for Approximately two years and then she went to the Karaka community hall in the Rimowa anika area of Port Harcourt in rivers States She had gone there for help and there’s a free medical treatment Clinic that had been set up by one of the pastors in the area and this unnamed woman went into labor Yeah, the baby was not waiting for anyone it’s coming out and there’s nothing anyone could do about it. Except it Wasn’t a human looking baby as a matter of fact It wasn’t even a human at all crowds of people began to gather around and you know the local media began Reporting that this woman gave birth to a goat people saw it there It was laying on the ground covered in blood now This is being called a miraculous delivery, you know when she was in labor a lot of people were like celebrating and so happy and jumping for joy and you know Happiness and laughter and joy turn into just complete Confusion because you know, you’re expecting a human to come out, right? There’s footage that has also been released to back up the claims of the locals at this woman. In fact gave birth to a goat For our next story we travel down south in Africa to Johannesburg, South Africa to be exact and here we have 49 year old Maria so tête see and she believed that she was an expecting mother and she Had all the signs and symptoms of a normal pregnancy so as you could imagine like her complete shock when she’s expecting a baby to be born, but she’s like Oh my god. What is that? Is is that a snake what Maria initially went to the doctor? She was told that due to a lot of blood loss. She needed some surgery to be done But you know because she was very poor and she couldn’t really afford it She had to be sent home from the hospital after just spending a few days there so she got a little bit of Medication to take but you know that didn’t really do anything cuz she was still feeling a lot of discomfort Her boyfriend at the time who’d she’d been with for the past 14 years decided to take matters into his own hands Okay, they couldn’t afford the hospital treatment. So he decided to bring her to a witch doctor You don’t miss another alternative people get results there. So yeah, they thought it was a good idea however, when Maria went to see the witch doctor she was given a potion to drink and in the days that Followed she became even more sick and get this the crazy part is like her teeth started to fall out and you know This was way too much for her boyfriend to handle so he left her shortly after that and since he left she remained single and Alone and what she gave birth to was a snake and Maria was so Angry and upset. Well, of course, right you’re expecting a baby and on top of that you’re even more sick And now you have missing teeth. She blames the witch doctors She’s like I should never have taken the potion now There was another witch doctor by the name of knit Simbi nojima And he said that these things are done by a lot of jealous Lovers and there’s no way that Maria can get a boyfriend now given that anyone who sleeps with her could die See ya. Imagine walking around with that label over your head our third story also takes place in Nigeria here We have a woman that gave birth to a horse like creature and this happened at a prayer session at the world Liberation Ministry also, this unnamed woman had been married for 11 years, but she didn’t have any children So she was really hoping for a child. So let me get into the background of this story There was one eyewitness by the name of mrs. Veronica Iggy boar She’s a nurse and she shared about this woman that she had sold vegetables for more than 10 years And that she had sponsored her boyfriend to go through university so he can get an education All from the profits that she made from her business so she had a very kind heart She was always looking out for people and you know was very business minded and the woman sometimes said that yes She did feel pregnant like she’s going through her normal pregnancy and other times it was just like completely just blanked like nothing was going on there the eye witness Veronica continues to say this the Evangelist told her she was not carrying an ordinary, baby He said do you want to go to a doctor to flush out what you’re carrying? Because what you’re carrying is not a baby the pastor paused and asked her again, or do you want it to happen here? Everybody shouted. Yes, and she was asking do you want to go to the hospital have the doctors look after this? She said no So the pastor proceeded to do was carry out this spiritual exercise Veronica also had more to say about this situation Then the Evangelist asked for women to donate their rappers to form a fence around her She asked the men to move to the back of the auditorium He told the congregation that the matter was a woman’s affair he had poured anointing oil on her and he sprinkled her with a sachet of water and he told a Congregation to pray and as they continued to pray a short time after she went into labor continuing with describing this experience This is what Veronica had to say She held somebody’s leg with the clothes as she pushed Harder for the baby to come out then something dropped and she fell the thing fell some people called it a goat But it looked like a horse. It had a long neck and the ears were long It was exactly we like a horse. Although it was in a baby form now Our final story takes us to a completely different continent to the country of Indonesia There is a midwife that lived in Indonesia, and she did not expect to find a baby Gecko on the birthing table. But yeah, that’s exactly what happened she saw there was this lizard there and not a newborn baby a lizard apparently used out of the pregnant woman and it was covered in mucus and Blood as she gave birth the Midwife that was with her found the live gecko and it was the only thing in between This woman’s legs and this woman goes by the name of Debbie nuba tonus and yet she had all the signs Completely of having a regular birth. She went to the whole eight to nine month process So the authorities in Indonesia, they heard this and they’re like, whoa We got to go investigate so they launched this full-out Investigation to see whether or not this was true Now after some digging into this story, it was suggested that this woman who was already a mother of two human children She was suffering from what is called a phantom pregnancy And there was actually nothing in her womb now the chief medical doctor in a nearby city called Kupang City He had a conclusion about this and he said so the gecko coming out is probably some kind of hoax Childbirth of another species has never been reported in science and some news outlets reported That a lot of Debbie’s neighbors complained about her practicing witchcraft So was this a coincidence that the gecko was just on the table? And this woman was experiencing a phantom Pregnancy or did she actually give birth to a lizard by the effects of witchcraft? Maybe one of the spells didn’t go so well, there’s a lot of room for speculation here But the majority of people believe that yes, this actually did happen that concludes this episode of FTD news in history And it leads me to ask this question Do you believe that a woman can be cursed to the point where it alters the thing that is inside of her? I love to hear your thoughts and comments about this now. 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  1. Wait, wait ,wait..how was her tummy big when Shem was pregnant, when it was only a tiny horse?…😑😑😑😑

  2. Maybe it's some genetic mutation that causes some babiex to be born with "animal-like" features 🤔 and ppl are making an urban legends out of it?… You know, just from lack of understandable explanations…

  3. She's basically mated with an animal or someone that looks like one
    lady I love animals to but too far

  4. You stupid as hell for posting this dumbass video not a woman that gave birth to whatever that was a ghost she did some bleeding but it was fine but the woman who had a snake inside of her bled a lot quit playing stupid

  5. The Nazis were trying to make ape human hybrids called Humanzees. The US government did actually create some Humanzees. Some were killed. One Humanzee was born and was given a name. They killed it because they realized what they had done. One Humanzee got loose and has never been seen again.

  6. These may be real, but not because the women got pregnant by an animal. These are obviously genetic disorders. Two different species cannot procreate because their DNA is so different. Closely related species (lions and tigers, leopard and cheetah, horse and zebra, wolf and dog, dolphin and porpoise) may procreate because the DNA is almost identical. However, even those animals are born with a host of problems, like cancers, infertility, and personality issues.

  7. It's probably genetic.somewhere along the line animal DNA, alongside with humans,are mixed up with the human genome.how does this happen?

  8. Why the hell?! People stop saying this is fake! !!! if the mf devil and god is real, why can't this be???? Huh? Huh? Yall don't know shit, yall weren't there and it AIN'T ya kid, so stop saying "OH THIS FAKE" and shit yall ain't got no receipts so get ya facts straight before you judge a book by its cover.

  9. Well someone has sent me a picture of some sheep's half kid half human, and I had to retrieve a video of a man raping a sheep sometime ago, how can I send them to you to investigate for us. I think it's pure evil for humans to be having intercourse with animals! What's this world turning into💁‍♀️

  10. I don't believe that South African story because health care in a clinic is free
    ,in hospital it's less than $4 dollars and if you say you are unemployed they won't bother you, the only people who can't avoid paying are the hospital staff.

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