Wonder Woman And Horse Doll set Review
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Wonder Woman And Horse Doll set Review

August 14, 2019

Hey Youtube Today We are going take look at Wonder Woman and Horse Doll Set today this is front of packaging on top it has the wonder woman logo this set is made Rate For ages 6 up on the bottom a picture of Wonder Woman on the Back of The Box it says Ready To Ride To Victory then it has it has a picture of different dolls in this line such as Queen HIppolyta Horse Combo Wonder Woman Battle Ready Which i Will Be Review that Soon Diana Prince Hidden Sword Which i Done Review on that one Shield Block Wonder Woman Bow Welding Welding Wonder Woman Which These Two im not really Interesting of on another side of the box n has of Diana it says Wonder Woman Power Grace Wisdom Wonder Before She Was Wonder Woman she was she was Diana Princess of the Amazons trained on a remote island as an unconquerable warrior when an American Pilot crashes onto her Sheltered paradise and tells of Raging conflict in the outside of world Diana is Convinced she can help Fighting Alongside man in a war to end all wars, will Diana Discover her full powers and her true destiny? okay this one i want say this made by mattel so yeah im go open her up and i be right back so now let get Diana Wonder Woman out of the Box Hey Youtube i got Diana Wonder Woman and her horse and Accessories out of the box I’m going to start off with the Doll I’m going to star with her face she wears Golden Tiara Crown her face is Brown Eyes And Pink Lips her hair looks Exactly like in the movie sort brown and black i Actually Love Her Outfit I love The Gold The Red The Blue with the gold Trim at the bottom i like how they like slits in be between i love course she wears her Golden Belt on one shoulder she wears an arm Bracelet that has a w symbol symbol that Stands For Wonder Woman course she wears her Sliver Arm BulletPoof Bracelets she comes with a cape that you can put on that stops at calf just above her ankles and pass her knees the cape has hood for she can be all mysterious she comes with Shield that is Gold that thing caan connect to her hand but is pretty hard she comes with a sword which is really because i have ancient look with dragon’s heads together on handle on this shoulder actually i already said that she holds the sword really well very good Excellent Job Mattel now we look at the horse the horse the horse wears a Golden Bridle and it has black Hair Brown Eyes and Course Tail is Black wear brown he her the doll has articulate at head the arms t the elbow Route at the leg the knees now im going show how to to put her on the horse as you can see she sits on horse really the part of her dress kind doesn’t flop up anyway thanks for watching this video like comment and subscribe bye

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