Working Cattle & Team Penning : Training Your Horse in the Hole: Ranch Sorting
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Working Cattle & Team Penning : Training Your Horse in the Hole: Ranch Sorting

August 21, 2019

Our last demonstration of sorting actually
took two minutes and thirteen seconds. We thought we were going pretty fast but as you
can see sixty seconds requires a lot of skill and a fast time. So what we are going to do
right now is talk about the elements. One of the most difficult is this area that we
call “the hole”. I think you even saw my horse get a little bit excitable in her position
a few rides back. What we want to is bring this horse out here and go back to our basic
horsemanship. I want to work my horse in the hole as we say. Always maintaining her position
with her face to the cow. I want her to be real comfortable coming all the way and more
less hitting this. In competition we have a padded sides not that this isn’t expected
but it might make my knee feel a little better. If we came into this side. So I could simply
just get her more comfortable by side passing and using my good horsemanship to enhance
her confidence here. Any horse even the strongest best cow horse will find this position very
scary as three or four cows come charging at them. It’s unlike anything else a cow horse
ever does. Most cow horses are expected to work a cow with a little more distance and
little more style rather than aggression and confidence. So we really put these horses
to the test and some of these exercises letting them go back and forth and side to side will
help prevent the horse from getting too nervous and in fact losing their confidence. We also
want to be sure we don’t let this horse get beat very often in the hole. It’s not unusual
for us to get caught up in the game get excited at home and practice and soon we realize we
have been letting those cows go past the horse. When in fact she should have been stopping
it. Just like a good human performer if you get beat too many times you’re going to
lose your confidence and not have the zest and the desire to want to do your job which
for my horse is to stop a bad cow here in the hole.

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  1. Is there some reason why the screen is full of text and we can't watch the action?

    Rodeos aren't cruel. Work on a ranch for a day. Get bucked off a horse and stomped by a cow or two and you'll learn to do what all city nits should do – which is something along the lines of shutting up.

  2. actually you are working the "hole" wrong. You should never play in the hole, your horse should be on the cow side of the hole. If you play in the hole you limit your horses ability to work any trash before they get to the hole. NEVER work your horse in the hole. If you do you will never win

  3. Okay…first of all Jesus give your horse its head and learn to ride with you legs. Riding is 10% physical 90% mental lady that horse is being pulled on way to much. Soft hands make a soft horse. And secondly, you never stay that close in the "hole", you wanna be further up so you have more time to stop and push cows back. This is a joke. I've been riding and rodeoing all my life. And worked cows the entire time too, never would I listen to this advice. Sorry but that's my opinion

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