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World Equestrian Games | Laser Therapy for Dressage Horses

September 5, 2019

How long have you had this ACTIVet now? Four years. Four years. And what kinds of
things have you used it for? I’ve used it on a seven-week-old foal who
had a fracture and was in the cast, it helped with skin integrity. I had another horse that was kicked in the neck and the skin sloughed off due to compromised circulation. And it reduced a 9-inch by 11-inch scar to approximately one-eighth of an inch wide and only 2 inches long. And we’ve used it on our performance horses and our riders, including Julio Mendoza Loor who is going to be competing this morning at 10:45. In which discipline? Dressage. Wonderful. We’ll notice a difference instantly. If you have a horse that’s a little strong in the bridle, on TMJ it works fantastic. If you have a horse that’s not slipping under from behind, if you do the glutes and the hamstrings, it makes a huge difference. And these are places that dressage horses always get tight with. And a session with the laser makes a very noticeable difference in the rider. They get lighter in the bridle, they can sit down more and they have more reach.

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