World’s most expensive horse sold for £5.25m
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World’s most expensive horse sold for £5.25m

August 11, 2019

This is a one-year-old filly, otherwise known
as a young female horse too young to be a mare, and she’s just been sold at auction
for a record breaking 5.25 million pounds. And what makes her so special? Well she’s
only the daughter of the world’s most sought after stallion Galileo and full-sister to
2012 Oaks winner. The baby horse was sold in Newmarket to Mandore International on behalf
of Seikh Joaan’s Al Shaqab Racing, which is owned by the Qatari royal family. It was a world record fee for a one-year-old
filly and also also broke the all-time record for a horse sold at European auction. The
new owners said they didn’t expect to pay that sort of price but claim she is a magnificent
specimen. They’re not horsing around either. They’ve confirmed she’ll begin training in

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  1. Remarkable because she is a filly [a girl]. –That isn't me being sexist. Mares can only produce one baby a year. Stallions can have hundreds. The horse industry usually saves its higher prices for stallions because they are such moneymaking, baby-producing machines.

  2. It's expensive because it's all part of the special program to create a super horse. The kwisatz haderach of horses 🙂

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  4. coz so expensive its for racing so u`ll make more money by winnin races as such gamble,btw not food.. fools sigh

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