World’s Most Infamous Donkey Kong Player Caught Cheating!
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World’s Most Infamous Donkey Kong Player Caught Cheating!

March 1, 2020

– [Billy] The worst thing that could happen would be to give somebody the credibility of a score who doesn’t deserve it. – [Apollo] Billy Mitchell may be best known for his appearance in King of Kong, a documentary released in 2007 which shows Steve Wiebe’s attempts to top Billy score which was the record at the time. Billy acts very bold and confident when he speaks. You can tell he thinks highly of himself and that this King of Kong title is very important to him. – [Billy] Does this have my name on the back or something? It says you have a yearning for perfection. There’s a level of difference between people and it translates into some games. World record headquarters can I help you? Oh Billy Mitchell always has a plan. – [Apollo] In this video I’m going to explain why all three of his Donkey Kong records, over 1 million points, are invalid. I’ll be showing first-hand testimony that Billy threatened those who questioned his scores. We’re going to take a look at a video which clearly shows Billy and his friends doctoring evidence, and then last I’ll show you Billy’s complete denial of everything and how it makes no sense whatsoever. So here we go. Here’s how the world’s most infamous Donkey Kong player got caught cheating. Billy was the first recognized player to score over 1 million points in public, with a score of 1,047,200. You can watch this tape released in King of Kong. As Steve Wiebe is attempting to break 1 million points live, a tape mysteriously shows up from Billy Mitchell. They play the tape which shows Billy’s new world record. As soon as they finish watching it, some of the refs are already asking questions. Walter day, who owned Twin Galaxies, question Billy himself over the phone about some of the oddities of the tape, like the random flashing over the score. Even though this tape seemed odd, just 10 minutes later they entered it into the Twin Galaxies database as the new world record. Curious isn’t it that Twin Galaxies would enter Billy score so quickly while so many questions about the tape remained unanswered. Well just like Todd Rogers, Billy was heavily connected to Twin Galaxies. In Todd’s case he was just a ref who entered his own scores, but Billy he was actually supporting Twin Galaxies financially. I got several internal Twin Galaxies documents from Katherine to Spira and the first thing I noticed while reading them was Billy Mitchell’s name all over them. Billy was at the very top of the food chain over at Twin Galaxies so you can be sure he got preferential treatment when it came to verifying his scores. The good news is the video of this record of his is public which has opened it up for a closer examination. On February 2nd, Xelnia aka Jeremy Young, made this post to Twin Galaxies which goes into great detail about Billy’s million point scores. When running this game on the original arcade cabinet each level will load from the left and right sides inwards, kind of like a curtain closing motion. But while running this game on MAME, which is an arcade emulator, the level loads in pieces like this. Here’s some test footage from Jeremy Young. Here’s the emulator. And now here’s a clip from Billy Mitchell’s first million point score. Quite clear evidence that Billy’s score was run on M.A.M.E. Now why is this an issue? There’s a lot you can do with an emulator so there are several different ways you could cheat. The most obvious way would be to create saved states to replay levels over and over until you get a score you’re happy with. Then you just have to stitch the footage together and you’re done. You know a lot of people use emulators to speedrun. Just because you’re playing on an emulator doesn’t mean you must be cheating. The issue with this really isn’t that Billy used an emulator it’s that he’s been lying about it this entire time and is still claiming he’s never played on M.A.M.E. – [Billy] My easy answer is that I’ve never played it on M.A.M.E. My easy answer is that I’ve never played it on M.A.M.E… (distorted)
never played it on M.A.M.E… never played it on… – [Apollo] Such a clear lie shows he’s hiding something. Another thing to note is that M.A.M.E at this time couldn’t emulate audio very well so a very easy way to check would be to just listen to the audio but for some reason this recording has no audio whatsoever, I wonder why. Billy’s second million point game has issues too. This is footage from his other former record 1 million fifty thousand two hundred points. Here’s a clip of another level loading from Jeremy Young on an arcade cabinet. Here’s the same level loading on M.A.M.E and here’s Billy’s video. So that’s two times he’s played on emulator and lied about it being an arcade cabinet. This video actually came with audio attached so I decided to open it up in audacity and man is it messed up. Random cuts, holes with no audio at all, giant leaps in volume. This thing has been cut up and not very well, but Billy also has one more record over a million points which is his most absurd. Billy’s official all-time personal best is a score of 1 million sixty-two thousand eight hundred points. First of all there’s no video of this record, none. The only evidence we have for this score is the testimony of one former Twin Galaxies employee who has recently been wiped from their website and permanently banned. That’s right the only person to witness this so-called record of Billy’s was none other than the human element Mr. Todd Rogers himself. What’s even crazier is immediately after setting this new Donkey Kong record Billy swapped out the board for a Donkey Kong Jr. board and set a new record for that game as well. – [Billy] I sat down in front of a Donkey Kong, and after a little trouble, as there normally is, I managed to play and I managed to set a new world record. I said one more thing I got to take care of and I started a game of Donkey Kong Jr. I saw an opportunity that would maybe make me be able to get my very highest personal best so I played it right to the end. Right at the dying last breath and I beat my own personal record. So those were both done on Saturday and I was quite estatic as you might guess. – [Apollo] There is no video of either these records but oddly enough there is a short video taken right in between the two records being set. In this video Billy and his friends claim to remove a Donkey Kong board and then replace it with a Donkey Kong jr. board I’m gonna play the video for you I want you to pay attention to how strange this acting is – [Rob] Hi, the Donkey Kong record has been broken. Taking the Donkey Kong board out of the game and putting the Donkey Kong Jr. board back in. (speed up audio) We have a Donkey Kong board in our hands right now. We’re gonna switch it for DK Jr. We’re gonna see what he does with that. – [Billy] It’s a good thing we got Rob here. Because as good as I can play this game, I couldn’t switch a board out or switch a board in. So Rob go ahead and take the Donkey Kong Jr. board and do your stuff. I’m not too humble to admit that. – [Rob] Okay that’s good. – [Billy] I don’t know that I’m going to admit anything else though. (speed up audio) – [Rob] Okay what we now have is Donkey Kong Jr. – [Apollo] Did you guys notice anything other than the super obvious acting? Let’s go back to the beginning. Okay here he is taking out the board now fast forward. Wait a minute that’s the same exact board. That’s why this whole thing is so weird. This whole video is just for show. They didn’t actually switch anything. There are a couple ways to tell Donkey Kong and Donkey Kong Jr. boards apart, but I find the easiest is to look at this section. Right here you’ll notice on the Donkey Kong Board it’s white while on the Donkey Kong Jr. board is yellow. And looking back at Billy’s video you can see both times the board was shown it was a Donkey Kong Jr. board. So when this guy clearly states twice that this is a Donkey Kong board as he removes it, he’s lying straight to your face and they’re all going along with it. It does make you wonder why would these guys purposely create false evidence by passing off a Donkey Kong Jr. board as the Donkey Kong board. Maybe Billy’s been playing on M.A.M.E so much he doesn’t even own a normal board so they had to create this to try to make it look like Billy was playing legit. I don’t know. Whatever the reason, this is super shady. You don’t create fake evidence unless you’re trying to hide something. Obviously there were massive issues with the score. People had questions and Billy had no evidence so what did he do he started threatening the refs who questioned him. Here’s a short section from Kotaku who spoke with former Twin Galaxies employee David Nelson. In a phone call with Kotaku Nelson described a talk with Mitchell where he outlined concerns with the verification process. According to him the conversation was initially cordial before taking a turn. The conversation started getting a little ugly. Nelson said he seemed like his plans were being threatened. Nelson claims Mitchell threatened to make things bad for Twin Galaxies. I’m gonna read that one more time. Nelson claims Mitchell threatened to make things bad for Twin Galaxies and that’s something I heard from several other employees as well. As soon as people started asking questions Billy started making threats directly to those who worked under him and that really shouldn’t surprise anyone since this is the same guy who sued Cartoon Network for making fun of him. He lost that lawsuit by the way. With all of this blowing up, Billy’s been under a lot of pressure to respond. Everyone’s been pushing him to make a statement, so he went public and gave an interview on the Eastside Dave Show. This has got to be one of the most embarrassing interviews I’ve ever seen. I’m completely serious, and not for Billy. Look at how sad this Dave guy is. – [Dave] He is a Donkey Kong legend. I’ve seen handsome people in my life. Billy Mitchell is one of them. Okay bring him up. (applause) Billy you’re a star and I agree with you. If there’s no Billy Mitchell there’s no PlayStation, there’s no Nintendo. He put video gaming on the map. – [Apollo] What does this tell you that after being seriously accused of cheating, Billy’s only willing to give an interview to the guy who kisses his ass harder than anyone else on the planet. But let’s get to Billy’s response. (Hiss) This snakes name is Jeremy Young. He was the one who has said that Billy has.. pardon me for even using his words, these are his words not mine, “faked a high score and told people it was a regular arcade machine when it was in fact a home machine that perhaps was even tampered with.” I shudder when I hear this. You wouldn’t do something like this. Now can you address what this Jeremy Young is talking about. That you perhaps faked a high score. – [Billy] When I was at Funspot I said I was going there. I said I was going there to do a perfect score. There was a camera. A camera was behind me. There were funspot people there. They were terrific. They were so accommodating. – [Dave] Okay. – [Billy] Okay there were news people there. There was a crowd there. I think there were people there that eventually became referees. – [Dave] Referee people. – [Billy] Yeah. – [Dave] People referees. – [Billy] And the fact of the matter is, I did it there, I called it there. It all happened, it was all awesome. It was all wonderful. Again I consider it a bulletproof environment. – [Apollo] And that’s actually his response. Go watch the interview for yourself. After confronted with clear evidence that he’s been setting his records on an emulator, he turns into Trump and starts talking about his crowd size and how wonderful everything is. – [Billy] I said I was going there to do a perfect score. The camera was behind me. There were funspot people there. They were terrific. There were news people there. There was a crowd there. I did it there, I called it there. It all happened. It was all awesome, it was all wonderful. – [Apollo] He doesn’t even say yeah okay was M.A.M.E but I didn’t use save states. He’s got nothing. He ignores the entire issue and says it’s legit because he says lots of people saw it and Billy seems to think that’s enough. Thankfully he also just gave an interview to Empire TV last night and again he’s only willing to talk to people who are supporters but at least this time he actually addressed the claims that he used an emulator. – [Empire] Do you play or have you ever played Donkey Kong on M.A.M.E? – [Billy] Well my easy answer is that I’ve never played it on M.A.M.E but I’ll give you a more serious answer. When we were in California there was a company called Arcade PC owned by Conway. The first time I ever played against Steve Wiebe, that was on Conway’s Donkey Kong and that was a M.A.M.E machine with a computer inside. So the fact is have I ever played M.A.M.E? Well if we push that kind of circumstance aside the answer is no. Have ever sat at a computer and played M.A.M.E? Not a chance, none. If I’m sitting there at razor’s edge, a thousand points in front of somebody else, well I guess you’d really want to make sure the score is correct. But since it’s number 12 in line and like I said this has so very little to do with the success and the fun and the excitement that I do in the gaming world. It’s it’s nearly irrelevant. – [Apollo] So finally we get a response out of him. “No I never used M.A.M.E and if I did it wouldn’t matter.” No and no. You did use M.A.M.E Billy. I’ll keep playing these GIFs. It could not get any clearer. We have video proof that you set these records on M.A.M.E. It’s not a question and it does matter that you use M.A.M.E. That’s why Twin Galaxies has it separated onto a second leaderboard. It’s not like he doesn’t know this! Of course he knows people would care, that’s why you lied about it in the first place. Seriously what is going on Twin Galaxies? First of all where do you find these people? These guys are hilarious. But for real how do you list these scores on your website and not feel embarrassed. The dude used an emulator clear as day and continues to lie about it. – [Billy] My easy answer is that I’ve never played it on M.A.M.E. – [Apollo] The only defense he has is to say that other people saw it. – [Billy] There were news people there. It was a crowd there. I did it there, I called it there. It all happened it was all awesome. It was all wonderful. – [Apollo] Then he goes and creates a fake board swapping video, threatens employees not to talk, the only record that has audio was clearly spliced, and the only person who can say they witnessed his all-time best score is a serial cheater himself who just had his Guinness World Record revoked. It makes no sense. You guys know it makes no sense. Why is this guy still on your website? How have these people not been banned? I really would like to give Twin Galaxies another chance but it’s hard because every time I look deeper I keep finding more and more corruption. I sincerely hope you guys can come to the right decision on this but who knows. Maybe I’m wrong. What do you guys think? Is this guy legit or is he a cheater? Let me know in the comments. (Captions by Jordan “Link584”)
Until next time see ya. (Captions by Jordan “Link584”)
– [Billy] Well maybe they’d like it if I lose. (Captions by Jordan “Link584”)
I gotta try losing some time.

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  7. DK and DKjr boards are Not the same as you suggest. You really should go back and look at that and correct yourself. I know Billy is wrong but we don't need to be wrong with him.

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    King of Kong and Mitchell were running jokes on O&A and Ron & Fez.

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  17. If the level loaded like it would on MAME, it couldn't have been something on the board's end, but at the same time, judging by the shape of the board, it couldn't possibly have been a MAME board. I genuinely think this guy is faking his all time world record.

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