“Wyścigi Konne …Mój Biotop” — “Horse Racing …My Biotope” subtitles
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“Wyścigi Konne …Mój Biotop” — “Horse Racing …My Biotope” subtitles

August 13, 2019

Horse Racing – My Biotope And they’re off! Jacamar is last, the others are very close to each other, Scinus is in the lead, but now Golden Tirol takes the lead, Ewronka is third position. Dzazzil, Laron, Green Maestro… What a race! Golden Tirol is in the lead, Scinus is just behind him, Ewronka is currently in third position, Laron has now moved forward then it’s Dzazzil, Green Maestro, Horyzont, Sword Side and Jackamar. They take a bend. Golden Tirol, Laron is second. Golden Tirol, Laron, in third… Racing: This is a kind of ritual A Wonderful adventure This is a game The Desire to race This track in terms or racing technology is still one of the most modern in the world. From coming out of the technical room, from the paddock, to the presentation area, to the test gallop, to the width of the race track, to the whole background of Sluzewiec it is still one of the most modern race tracks on the world and beyond a shadow of a doubt it’s one of the most beautiful. “The World Festival of the Arabian Horse” took place here on 22nd August and track at Sluzewiec became one of the most important race tracks in the world for Arabian througbred horses. As guests we had here sheiks, trainers and owners of horses racing in France, Germany, Holland, in the United States, in the Arab Emirates… And they’re off! A fantastic start right now French Pal is in the lead Brutal Forse is in second, Save is in last, French Pal is in the lead. Karidza gallops into second place. Now, the curve 170 metres left to the winnig post. French Pal is in second, Karidza gallops, Horses in third, fourth position… Horses belong to private owners and races now have a diffrent dimension. A Jockey is now on a contract witch their trainer or the owner of the horse. Each race is now a run for everything, because they must prove that they are needed. When I was an instructor here, boys stopped coming here. Married woman, then young girls, teenagers and small children started coming. And up to now, if you went to a stable, you would find that 3/4 of 240 horses have owners who are girls. I remember the times when 5000 people used to come here – – it was the lounge of the Trojmiasto. People from all walks of life freelancers, the underworld and so on – they all used to gather here. When I was 10 years old, I learned how to ride. My father was a jockey and then tainer, then at the age of 15 I started working in Warsaw at Sluzewiec, and that’s how it all began. I remember it was so hectic in Warsaw, and here it’s so peaceful an quiet. We just work, in the autumn young horses appear, so we have to break them in, then in the winter we train them, in the spring we make gallops, to chcek which horses are good, and which are not so good and in April they start racing. On sunday mornings, when the is a proper athmosphere, you react in a diffrent way, as you know that the racing starts at 12. When I see hurdless or fance racing I can feel the rush of adrenaline, although I don’t ride any more. You can find a cross-section of society. Various types of people come along: people from high positions, educated, doctors, prosecutors everybody! Everybody bets on horse races. A young man bet a big sum of money and he won about 80.000 zl. He came at the end and I told him we could arrange to meet in a bank the following day to collect the money and he asked to me to give him a lift to a shop with electronic equipment. I asked him: Why? Because I took my TV-set to the pawnshop yesterday – he answered. And in this shop he asked the shop assistant to give him a TV-set, a big one! Why big? So that I cannot carry it and take it to the pawn shop. He was a most peculiar punter, I will never forget him. Betting is a great skill, It may seem that one glance at the horse, some hunch is enough to bet on the right horse and win. That’s not the case! We observe the form of the horses in the last two or three races. If the horse comes eighth twice, then third twice, is better by half lenght, by ahead. When you see to it, it usually winns in the next race. As a rulle, when a horse shows it was just about to win, you compare the next field and check if there is any outstanding horse that is impossible to be beaten, but when the field is equal it is 50% sure that it will win. I know people who used to come near to the stable to bet which leg the horse would put out first from the stable, or which crow would be the first to sit on a post. If there aren’t any races they tend to sit under the linden, and play three card monte, or belote, or poker, some time ago they played in a carousel with cloured horses they can go on like this forever. I used to the ride horses, but I didn’t have my own horse, I used to hire one. I was a voluntary payer for horse racing, so to say. To be honest, the adrenaline, gambling and the penchant for risk were decisive at that time. I used to be good bettor and I used to win money -my legendary prize was when I won three small cars (Fiat 126p) – betting just on one horse. Horse racing is my bitope, thi is smething very dear to me. I thought that if there was no racing I would give away my citizenship. Racing is something that wolves used to do in the grassland. The perfomance at the races determines which horse is going to be kept for breeding purposes, and which is going to be a breeding mare. The one who runs better, has better legs, better tendons, a better heart, better lungs – is going to be used for breeding to improve the herd.

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  1. emisja całego filmu – TVP POLONIA – 30.04.2012 godz. 18:10 + powtórka dla rannych ptaszków oraz drugiej półkuli – 02.05.2012 godz. 06:05

  2. fajne foty. szkoda tylko,że takie ogólne podejście do tematu, który ma tylu bohaterów i ciekawych historii

  3. Z radością informujemy o emisji filmu „Wyścigi konne – mój biotop”. Film pokazany będzie na antenie TVP INFO w dniu 03.VI.2013 (poniedziałek) o godz. 23:30 i powtórka 04.VI.2013 o godz. 04:00 – a to już dla bardzo „rannych ptaszków”

  4. Tuż przed 100-tną WIELKĄ WARSZAWSKĄ na Służewcu – emisja całego filmu „Wyścigi konne – mój biotop”- 25.IX. na antenie TVP INFO godz. 23:22 i dla „rannych ptaszków” 26.IX. – godz. 04:00.
    Wczujmy się w emocje wyścigów i świata je otaczającego!

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