Your Texas luxury vacation: Horses, guns and five-star di…
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Your Texas luxury vacation: Horses, guns and five-star di…

August 18, 2019

the rancher’s life. I’m spending a weekend
at the Inn at Dos Brisas. It’s a country
resort near Houston. And I’ve learned a thing or two
about luxury vacationing Texas style. At Dos Brisas, you can escape
into a quintessential Texas life. I think I got it. Ride horses, harvest
vegetables, join a wine tasting, and learn to shoot. KELSIE LEAS: Well, here we’ll
have your 12-gauge shotgun, your weapon of choice. Let’s get our headphones on. Say pull when you’re ready. CHRIS MOODY: Pull. KELSIE LEAS: You’re always
going to feel safe on a horse if you know how to
read their emotions, know what they’re looking at. You can always
tell by their ears. CHRIS MOODY: Ears back
is a little bit tense. KELSIE LEAS: Yeah, he’s– CHRIS MOODY: He seems to
do that every time I talk. His ears go back. KELSIE LEAS: Let’s get to it.
Let’s saddle up. CHRIS MOODY: Watch
the ears, Rambo. I can see when you’re mad. I know when you’re angry. KELSIE LEAS: We are known
for our cowboys around here. And most of these horses
are old rodeo horses. I think what makes Texas
special is this land and just how beautiful
it is, and it’s just a feel that you can only
get from experiencing it. CHRIS MOODY: Texans
know how to eat. Dos Brisas is a
working organic farm. Everything you see here
goes into the food that’s cooked in its restaurant. And it’s the only Forbes
five-star restaurant in Texas. The vegetables,
chickens, and, yes, even the horses pitch in for dinner. That is one big pile of [bleep]. Actually, the horse manure
fertilizes the soil. Nothing goes to waste. And after a long
day on the trail, retreat to your
private hacienda.

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