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August 16, 2019

Mark: I’m so happy this is happening. This is gonna be awesome. Bob: I am brimming with confidence that Wade is gonna be a good sport and we’re all gonna play along and it’s gonna be… Wade: I was a good sport last time! *Mark laughing* Bob: You were a moderately bad sport… *Mark still laughing* *Bob still talking* Wade: I did nothing other than lose… Mark: Guys, guys, guys… Bob: You did nothing other than bribing. Mark: …guys. We were happy… Mark: We’re happy-eeeeeeeeee! We’re happy! Bob: NO

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  1. Do it! Set up your mixers and do a stream where there is no speaking – just sound bites. Also, the mixers are controlled by your significant others who don't know which buttons are which. You could swap between 3 games to spread the anger and hatred evenly – Pogostuck to piss off Mark, Uno to get Wade enraged, and We Need to go Deeper to really get Bob fucking raging.

  2. If he had sold his houses on yellow when he was exploiting, he would have gotten infinite amounts of money and no one would be able to stop him. Except Lixian.

  3. How the red dice works: If you roll:

    A 1, 2, or 3: Add the rolled number to the normal dice total.

    A Mr. Monopoly: Move according to the normal dice, and take that turn as normal. Before rolling again or passing the dice to the next player, move to the next unowned property, which they may buy or auction. If there are no unowned properties, the player moves to the nearest unmortgaged property owned by an opponent. In the event that all opponents' properties are mortgaged, do nothing.

    A Bus: You can choose to move the value of both of the white dice, or just the value of one white die. For example, if a player rolls a 2 and a 6 and a Bus, then that player can choose to move 2, 6, or 8 spaces.

  4. I forget that no one outside of the UK knows how to pronounce Reading from Reading Railroad, it’s pronounced "Redding" lmao

  5. I know 3D in games, but how is it called when a real live man plays a game and his face goes into the game itself? 1:21:40

  6. Mark: Drags on the game for longer by pity paying Bob and Wade.
    Also Mark: Got frustrated with the length of the game and just quit despite having the upper hand

  7. 1:35:25 is it just me or was all of those bills suddenly just becoming that glowing 500 immensely satisfying?

  8. Wait, in the original game, doesn't it say in the rules to sell all your houses and mortgage all your properties before giving everything to the person you owe? I don't think they made this game correctly

  9. Kay I know there's better moments in this but I wanna shoutout Wade mentioning DBZ Dokkan Battle in a joke at 1:04:30, that was too great XDD

  10. I am so tired of Mark saying something isn't fair just because he isn't doing as good. I know that HE knows it's just a bit….but it's such a old and tired bit……

  11. Props to the peeps who made the subtitles. That must have taken a seriously long amount of time

  12. "I AM ONLY BEHIND IF YOU MEASURE BY WHO IS CURRENTLY WINNING" I need to cross-stitch that and hang it on my wall

  13. So I just ate a bucket of lard what do you rate lard 10/10 so its either ten or ten please rate I need lard to feed my addiction please help me

  14. Mark, I want you to play tf2. Also mark I know that you were wrong but also right when you said that red properties were the most valuable. They are actually (according to the game) the most profitable properties.

  15. Bob trying to be nice: Game, is there anything I can do to waive his fees?

    Wade, immediately depressed: NOPE, TaKe My MoNiEs

  16. did anyone else hear Bob tell wade at 56:18 " how's your stay? how's the HAT RACK?" get it, becuz hes a hat

  17. Went back to watch this episode again while making dinner, using my bluetooth earbuds. Battery started to die about a quarter of the way through, and every "BATTERY LOW" message made it feel like an Unnecessary Censorship episode ?

  18. “If you roll a picture of a dog, a small dog comes on-screen and smells your dice. If he doesn’t pee on ‘em, add 6 to your roll. But if he makes a poopy…” Bob 2019

  19. “If you measure success in the way that I measure success, I CAN SEE THE TRU- *accidentally mutes mic* ” -Bob 2019

  20. “I’ve seen the path, it’s very narrow, but I have skinny feet. AND I WOO- *accidentally mutes mic* *again*

    Bob muted himself in excitement.

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