YouTubers React to Try to Watch This Without Laughing or Grinning #24
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YouTubers React to Try to Watch This Without Laughing or Grinning #24

October 26, 2019

– (announcer) So far,
so good for Mainus. – What?
What did he say? – You almost got me, internet.
Almost. – ♪ (upbeat intro) ♪ – (FBE) So, we’re gonna show
you some videos and you can’t smile or laugh
while watching. – Oh no.
Oh no. That’s my thing.
I always smile and laugh. – Oh gosh.
I’m gonna go, okay? No, I’m really bad at these. – (FBE) All these videos
were chosen by our viewers who are hoping to get you
to laugh. – It might be a little hard.
I definitely smile a little too much. – (FBE) If you lose,
you’ll be out for that round and we’ll bring you back in
for the next one. – Like you had to get out.
– Oh wow. Okay, so it’s like on on.
Let’s do it. I’m down.
– I’m not gonna laugh. – I just got serious. – Give me your worst.
I accept all challengers. – This is the part where
I’m supposed to say, “Bring it on”
but you know I’m gonna laugh. I’m terrible at these.
I love them, but I’m terrible at them. – (man) Watch this. – Who does this?
– (man) Come on! – What is he expecting? – (man) Come on, buddy. – I think he’s trying
to catch feelings for somebody. – What country is this?
Damn it. – (buzzer) – And there it is.
And there it is. It’s a windsock.
– (man) Oh my God! – It was the screaming.
– (buzzer) – I didn’t even know
it could get that big. Oh.
– (buzzer) – (man screaming)
– Guys are stupid. – (buzzer) – It’s not gonna work.
Something’s gonna happen. – The catch.
– (man screaming) – This guy’s having way
too much fun. – They are really built
to last, aren’t they? That’s great.
I see that and I’m like, wow, that’s a product truly
delivering on its promise. – (man laughing) – He’s laughing.
– (buzzer) – Yeah.
I don’t know why I said “yeah.” That’s really gross. – That poor girl. – Oh, oh.
Family friendly. – Hey man, nothing funny
about sex. That’s just the circle of life, man. – I feel very sorry
for that girl. – That’s gross. – Cute animal videos
make me laugh. Cute animals doing it
videos, less funny. – That might have been the first
video I’ve ever not laughed at when I’m supposed to. – ♪ Oh
How’d you fit all that ♪ – (buzzer) – ♪ You know what to do
with that big fat butt ♪ – (cameraman) What are you
gonna do with that big fat butt? – Okay, I’m sorry.
– (buzzer) – Oh no.
– (buzzer) – (buzzer) – Wiggle, wiggle–
shut up. – (buzzer) – God dang.
– (buzzer) – Wow. – Okay, this one’s a little bit
more difficult not to laugh at. I’m finding it a struggle. – (exhales) – You almost got me, internet.
Almost. – ♪ (guitar music) ♪ – Oh, I like this song. – Isn’t that the Budweiser horse? – That’s sweet. – I love this song.
Fleetwood Mac is awesome. – ♪ I’ve been afraid of changing ♪ – I knew it, I knew it.
I was like, oh, it’s gonna be turned into glue or something.
– (buzzer) – Oh no!
It just got real. – Are we gonna pan past
a glue truck or something? – No, no. – That’s really depressing.
– What? – (voiceover) Yas,
yas, yas, yas. – (buzzer) – No.
– (voiceover) Yas! – Damn it, damn it.
Come on. – (buzzer) – (voiceover) Yas!
ya-a-a-a-as. – Damn it.
– (buzzer) – (voiceover) Yas,
Ya-la-la-la. – (buzzer) – They almost all sound
the same. – ‘Cause it’s the same guy
doing the voiceover. – (voiceover whispering) No.
– I’m sorry, I’m sorry. I suck at this.
– (buzzer) – (voiceover) Yas. – I’ve also never played
Pokemon, so I’ve got that working for me. – God, that just goes.
That was good. – Best video I’ve seen
in a long time. We’ve reached peak internet,
ladies and gentlemen. – “Danny vs Mainus.”
I’m gonna say Mainus and not “My anus.”
– (announcer) Mainus needs to loosen up a little here.
We know, Pat, that Mainus can take a pounding.
– (buzzer) – Oh, it sounds like “my anus.” – (announcer) Mainus wants
to take him there. – I love this stuff. – (announcer) So far so good
for Mainus. – What?
What did he say? – (announcer) He has enormous
respect for Mainus. – Oh, “my anus” is what
I’m hearing now. – That’s really funny.
– (announcer) Quick jab Mainus. – He said “Jab my anus.”
Come on. – (buzzer) – (announcer) Quick jab Mainus.
Mainus’ movement has been superb here.
And Mainus is taking punishment. – His anus is taking punishment.
– (buzzer) – (announcer) And Mainus
is taking punishment. – (buzzer) – (announcer) Mainus
is taking punishment. – The thought of my anus
taking punishment is just sad more so than funny. – (McGonagall) I will not
have you in the course of a single evening
besmirching that name by behaving like a babbling,
bumbling band of baboons. – Wow.
– ♪ Babbling, bumbling band of baboons ♪
– (buzzer) – ♪ Babbling, babbling
bumbling, bumbling ♪ – This is kinda tight.
It’s like I’m at a rave. – (buzzer) – ♪ Babbling, bumbling
band of baboons ♪ ♪ Babbling, babbling
bumbling, bumbling ♪ ♪ Band of baboons ♪
– I actually like this remix. – ♪ Babbling, babbling
bumbling, bumbling ♪ ♪ band of baboons
Babbling, babbling ♪ ♪ Bumbling, bumbling
band of baboons ♪ – Okay, Professor McGonagall. – ♪ Boo, boo, boo ♪
– McGonagall’s got bars. You gotta give her credit. – ♪ baboon, boo, boo, boo
babbling, bumbling ♪ ♪ Babbling, bumbling
band of baboons ♪ – I hope there’s a band
of baboons. – In the words of the Pokemon Go
characters, “Yas.” – The echo almost had me. – “When you’ve over done it.”
– (girl) Holy! That poo will overflow the toilet.
– Aw. I’ve been there, buddy.
You know. – (girl) I ate so much food.
That poo will overflow the toilet. I don’t even know why
I ate that much food. – Legit me after Thanksgiving.
– Yeah. – (buzzer) – (girl) That will make the toilet
overflow again. – God damn it, it got me!
– (buzzer) – (girl) That poo will
overflow the toilet! I don’t even know why
I ate that much food. – I say this all the time.
– (buzzer) – I love it.
I love children. – (buzzer) – (girl) That will make
the toilet overflow again. – (buzzer) – You better not eat
that much food again. – “Have kids” they said.
“It’ll be fun” they said. Mm-mm, nice try. – (girl) The toilet
overflow again. – I’ve overflowed too many
toilets in my day to find that humorous. – (kid) Chicken nugget! – (buzzer) – (kid) Chicken nugget!
– Oh my goodness. – (buzzer) – (kid) Chicken nugget!
– That was scary. – (kid) Chicken nugget!
– That’s just horrific. – (kid) Chicken nugget! – I’ma have sleep paralysis
tomorrow. – (FBE) That was our last
video. – That was a pretty solid
selection of videos, you fellow memers out there. – I think that you’re gonna
get a lot of people with these videos.
Did you get me? Got me once.
Tip of the cap to you. Good job, internet.
Well done. – Thanks for watching,
everyone. – Subscribe for new shows
every week. – And if you like this episode,
hit that like button. – Bye.
– Goodbye. – Hey guys, Sabrina here,
React Channel producer. Check out FBE2
for all the behind the scenes vlogs, exclusive shows,
and community updates. Bye, guys.

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  1. Okay, but if you win this, then you are better at these than the youtubers because you had to watch the clips many more times, and get through the people laughing as well so…..

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