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Zebra 105SL FAQ

March 1, 2020

Hi I’m John and today I’m going to be answering
some frequently asked questions about the Zebra 105SL. When your printer fails perform auto-calibration,
you first need to check and make sure that the media and the ribbon are properly loaded
into the machine. If it’s still not auto-calibrating normally
when you power up, then you should try and manually calibrate your machine. If the ribbon light is on even though the
ribbon and the media is loaded correctly, the printer isn’t calibrated to the media
in the machine and you should do a manual recalibration. if the printer locks up while
the running power on the self-test, it’s usually a main logic board failure and might be and
issue that could require some repair. If your ribbon melts while printing, it means
that the darkness setting on your computer is to high and you need to lower it.To do
a cancel self-test, firstly you have to power your printer off. Once your printer is powered down, hold the
cancel button, located here at the bottom of the control panel and power your printer
back on while holding that button.This bank of lights is going flash yellow, after it
flashes let go of the cancel button and the machine will perform a cancel self-test. At the end of this test, it will print a printer
calibration label, that should look something like this. We hope this video helps answer some of your
questions about the Zebra 105SL. If you’d like to learn more please feel free
to check us out online at lexicontech.com.

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