Zebra: 2022 Hospital Vision Study – Expanding Use of Mobile Devices

December 9, 2019

It’s hard to imagine at first glance
that mobile devices and new tools could transform patient care, but literally
that’s what is happening. The term clinical mobility is often synonymous
with point of care, and the key relevant piece being here that it keeps the
clinician next to the patient. Current state clinical mobility is being used
predominantly by nurses and physicians, but it’s interesting as we asked global
practitioners around the world, “What do you project for the future,” by
the year 2022 both bedside nurses and physicians anticipate over 95 percent of
their peers will be regularly using mobile device and clinical mobility. For
the future, we really see, and the results of our research has demonstrated, that
this will be adopted widespread amongst most healthcare professional workers. So
we see a 30 to 40 percent adoption range projected for the future and we see that
spanning across many different worker types in healthcare. So our studies show
that radiologists and pharmacists and ER nurses and OR nurses are all projecting
some sharp increases in adoption of mobility in their work life. So what
we’re seeing is a spread of mobility adoption both in intensity by workers
and then also in a diversity by worker types.

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