Zebra 3600 Series Performance Benchmarks: Water & Dust Test
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Zebra 3600 Series Performance Benchmarks: Water & Dust Test

January 9, 2020

Water & Dust Performance Benchmark Testing Zebra recently conducted a series of tumble, drop and water benchmarking test in their lab to determine if the industry’s leading rugged scanners could meet or exceed their published specifications. These tests were conducted using industry recognized testing standards and included the following scanner models: 1. Datalogic PD9500, 2. Honeywell Granit 1991i, 3. Zebra DS3678 SR Dust and water are two of your scanners biggest enemies. and while some meet rugged standards, they can only last so long when braving the elements. but when a scanner keeps going, even after super soakings and heavy duty dustings, there’s not stopping it, or you. When it comes to working in spite of the elements, the 3600 Ultra Rugged Series delivers unstoppable performance.

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