Zebra Cake Recipe | Пирог Зебра – простой рецепт | Zebra Piroqu |  Zebra Kek Tarifi
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Zebra Cake Recipe | Пирог Зебра – простой рецепт | Zebra Piroqu | Zebra Kek Tarifi

January 9, 2020

Hi guys. Welcome to AZCookbook. I am Feride. Today we are making a fun cake. Zebra cake! It is one of the most popular
if not the most popular recipe on my food blog AZCookbook.com and I wanted
to share it with you all today. Let’s get started. We need 4 large eggs at room
temperature, 1 cup granulated sugar, 1 cup milk at room temperature, 1 cup oil, I’m
using olive oil, 2 cups of all-purpose flour, a dash of vanilla power, you can
substitute it with vanilla extract, about a half a teaspoon, I’m using 1 tablespoon
of baking powder which equals 3 teaspoons of baking powder, and I also
have 2 tablespoons of Dutch processed cocoa powder. I have my flour in the mixing bowl already, so to this I’m adding baking powder and a pinch of
vanilla powder. I’m going to give it a quick stir and put in aside while we
make the wet ingredients. The next step is beating the eggs with sugar, so I have 4
eggs here and to this I’m adding a cup of sugar and I’m going to mix these
together until the mixture is light and creamy, about 5 minutes All right the mixture is nice and light
in color, to this I’m adding a cup of milk, the milk should be at room
temperature, and a cup of olive oil and I’m just going to blend this together
for a couple of sounds. If you did not have vanilla powder and if you chose to use
vanilla extract this is when you should add it with the milk and olive oil and
give it a stir and you’re ready to go. I’m going to add the flour into the wet
mixture gradually and I’ll continue to beat this mixture until the dry
ingredients are incorporated. Our batter is ready, now we are going to split it
in two parts. So to one of the batters I’m adding my cocoa powder, I’m just
going to give a quick mix to until incorporated The dark batter is ready, the zebra
stripes are going to be so beautiful, and it’s really important to use dark cocoa
powder because then the stripes will be very distinct. And now the fun part
assembling the zebra cake. I’ve preheated my oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. I’ve my buttered my pan all over and I lined it with parchment paper. Now let’s
assemble the cake. I’m using two tools to spread my batters, to alternate my
batters in the pan. I am using a sauce ladle and I’m using a serving spoon.
Don’t worry if you don’t have these, just use a regular tablespoon. You’ll need
three tablespoons of each batter going on top of each other. So, I’m
starting with the white batter. The sequence doesn’t really matter. You
can start with the dark batter as well. So, this is 3 tablespoons of batter, I’m pouring
it in the middle of the pan like this. It’s going to spread on its own. On top
of it I’m adding 3 tablespoons of the dark batter, like this. It’s very important not to
stop, continue doing this, don’t wait until the batter spreads out, it will as
you pour the next batter on top. So I’m not stopping. Just keep going. This is ready to go in the oven. Make
sure you don’t tilt the pan or move the pan too much, otherwise the stripes will
mix up. Let’s bake it! My zebra cake is ready. I baked it for 40 minutes and I
checked four doneness by inserting a wooden stick in the middle – it came out
clean that means that the cake is ready. And I cooled it down before I can slice it.
Let’s take a look at the inside. I’m very excited. I hope it just looks like
zebra stripes. This is the zebra cake! Look at the stripes, you can see white stripes a
dark stripes. I think it looks beautiful. I think it’s pretty cool. This
is a very fun cake to me if you have kids. Ask them to make the layers, they
will have so much fun with this. I can’t wait to try it and see how it tastes, too.
I love the stripes, I love the cocoa flavor and I Iike the flavor of
the white batter. It’s not a very sweet cake, which is perfect, I love it. I hope
you do too. I hope you make this cake for yourself and your loved ones. Let me know
in the comments if you try this recipe. Thank you for watching me. Please don’t
forget to subscribe to my channel and share it with your friends. I’ll see you
soon. Bye!

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  1. Of course couldn't miss this video, as it brought my childhood memories back, making it with my mom. Better try it with my boys soon. Love it, thank you!

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