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November 22, 2019

Hello my name is a Alicia Taurus Global Practice Leader Healthcare at
Zebra Technologies. One constant in healthcare is
relentless change. More recently the pace of change is
accelerating throughout the health care delivery
infrastructure. It is fueled primarily by the implementation of the electronic health record and connected health. Zebra’s solutions can help you to see more can do more with our healthcare barcode technology. Zebra is committed to helping healthcare
organizations implement close loop processes as part of the EHR. We belive every healthcare organization has an opportunity to achieve higher levels of visability
in their operations. Our bar code printing technologies
enable clear identification and visability throughout your entire
hospital by linking and connecting critical
patient information from the patient bedside, to the lab, pharmacy, and other anselairy departments. I invite you to take a look at our eBook to learn which applications can be deployed at your hospital with
Zabra Barcode Technologies.

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