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Zebra ID Card Printer | 800-897-7024 | Zebra ZXP7

January 9, 2020

(upbeat music) (printer noises) – Hello, and welcome back to the ID Security Online showroom. In this video, I’m going
to be showing you the speed and convenience of Zebra’s ZXP 7. For starter’s, the ZXP 7 is the fastest ID card printer in the biz. These machines can print 300
full color cards an hour, and don’t think that
to get that kinda speed you have to sacrifice quality. These printers generate near photographic pre-quality and color depth
using photo-print technology. Oh, and if you need to print in monochrome these printers can fire
out 1375 monochrome cards in the same time. If you’re looking for an
added layer of security Zebra offers the option of
physical locking mechanisms to deter unauthorized users. Here’s where I remind you
that ID Security Online is also your source for
all supplies for this super fast system, like the Zebra TrueColors
IX Series Ribbons and Zebra TrueSecure I Series Laminates, and we carry them all. Wanna put this printer on your network? Zebra has equipped the ZXP 7 with built in ethernet
and USB connectivity for Windows right out of the box. All of these devices come with a two year unlimited
warrantee on the printer and the printhead. Visit IDSecurityOnline.com, or better yet give us a call and let our team
of experienced professionals help implement a secure ID system, repair or replace your
current outmoded system, or supply your ID printers
with the best in class cards, ribbons and parts today. Be sure to watch all of our product videos and thanks for visiting. (upbeat music) (printer noises)

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  1. Cool, if I ever am in a position where I need to make a ton of color ID cards, this sounds like a good bet.

  2. Thank you for this helpful video! This machine is impressive – and will be great to upgrade our workplace ID printer!

  3. Will definitely consider this printer. My current printer is nowhere near this fast! Plus, free two year warranty?? Sign me up!

  4. Very informative video about the zebra printer. Definitely will consider purchasing if i ever need to make id cards!

  5. Great Product, we use it all the time at the university; one problem, you video is mislabeled, the USB port you show is actually the internet port and viscera.

  6. Thank you for this video. I am very Like in this video. It is relay longer Warranty And is quality is very nice.

  7. This seems like it's an efficient add for almost any business, and can see a few other applications for it.

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