Zebra Scanner SDK for Windows Desktop: 1 Minute Tour
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Zebra Scanner SDK for Windows Desktop: 1 Minute Tour

February 25, 2020

The Windows SDK for Zebra scanners is a
free software development kit for the development of scanner applications on
Windows XP and Windows 7 machines. We understand today’s scanner applications
need to do more than just handle barcode data. With the scanner SDK you can easily
create fully featured applications. In addition to capturing barcode data, the
SDK enables you to capture images, easily set parameters, upgrade firmware and more.
Supporting even the most advanced implementations, the SDK enables multiple
applications running on one PC to talk to one or more scanners simultaneously.
To address frequently asked questions and reduce development time, the SDK
includes sample apps and fully functional source code in C++ C sharp
and Java. The sample applications allow you to exercise the SDK’s functionality
including discovering scanners, displaying their serial number, model
number, their asset tracking information, barcode data, symbology, and associated
XML code, capturing an image, updating firmware and more. And because high
quality documentation is key to shortening development cycles, the SDK
includes a developer’s guide with a quick startup index located on the last
page of the document which covers system requirements, scanner models and
communication modes, a sample application overview, how to capture images and more.
To download the SDK go to Zebra.com/ScannerSoftware all one word.
And this concludes your product tour of the Windows SDK.

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