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Zebra – Self Service Technology Center – Kiosk Showcase

March 1, 2020

I’m Chris Gilder, founder and chief
innovation officer at Meridian. I want to take you today to our self-service
Technology Center that we’ve created with some of the sharpest minds in the
IT industry. The SSTC is the self-service Technology
Center and basically this is a consortium between Meridian, Kiosk, HP
Microsoft, Intel, Zebra Technologies, and Storm and Key Innovations. These
companies have come together to give a holistic view of the self-service
industry. HP’s part of that consortium is is we offer the client and the back end
components of the technology, whether it’s the HP digital signage with the
touch capabilities that allow us to give a nice customer presentation, the elite
desktop PCs that we offer that are driven by Intel core processors, or the fact that
we have Windows 7 and Microsoft’s software loaded on there to give a
better customer experience we can help wrap all that together. What Intel
vPro technology brings to the consortium is the ability to manage, protect, and secure
the assets for our retail end users. Most people take a kiosk printout for
granted until it doesn’t print. Around ninety percent of the kiosks sold on the
market today have some sort of printed output, and when the printer is down so
is the kiosk. Here are a few reasons why a full-featured printer will give you a
greater peace of mind in the long-run. The looping presenter allows the page to
be printed completely inside of the kiosk so that it’s not presented to the
customer until the print process is completed, reducing the chance for paper
jams. A guillotine cutter smoothly operates the printout from the paper
roll not only creating a nice edge, but also preventing jams by keeping the end
of the roll available to the next print out. In addition to reducing reloading
trips, a large role capacity reduces the number of times the kiosk is open
reducing improper loading or the amount of times you have to load. Zebra’s
state-of-the-art printing technologies combine through this unique partnership
enable us to deliver market changing innovations. From two-inch payment
records to eight and a half by 11 inch Hotel folios, from receipts to recipes,
Zebra provides a full range of printers for kiosk solutions. What we’re showing
here is a really exciting application called ShopToCook on obviously an attractive device, much like a large iPhone. So you walk into your local grocery
store, you’ve got your specials and your coupons available to you, but let’s say
you get a call from your spouse. You know that you’ve got a wine tasting tonight
at your house. I particularly like Italian wines so I’m going to choose one of
these these three wines for my party, but then I need a recipe for an appetizer to
go with that. So I know mozzarella and pesto goes great with Handi, so I’m going to
print out my recipe and while I’m going to the store doing my shopping I’ll be
able to pick up the ingredients and take this home and make it. So that’s just one
exciting thing that you can do with the ShopToCook application. When we bring customers in they go, wow,
and immediately the ideas start popping: what if we do this, what if we do that, oh
can we do this? And with the partners that we have here we can answer those what
ifs. What we have here: the leaders in hardware, in chip technology, in software,
all coming together to create an integrated seamless solution for our
customers. So when you go to the self service Technology Center and you look
around the various displays and units that are there, these are production versions
running today from in various industries. You’ll be able to see industries in
retail, hospitality, transportation. All sorts of examples in different form
factors, different enclosures that can help you identify what it is that you’re
trying to do to imagine and to ideate the solutions you need for your industry.

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