Zebra TC51/TC56 Touch Computer Series
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Zebra TC51/TC56 Touch Computer Series

March 1, 2020

Introducing this year’s latest technological marvel. Sleek elegant lines, Clean curves and contours, a stunning streamlined design. But when it comes to performance… This device is all business. Introducing the Zebra TC51 and TC56 Touch Computer. Its got the look and feel of a smartphone. Inside, this beauty is all brains. The TC5 Series is designed and built with a purpose. To boost productivity at the touch of a button with active edge touch zone. Best-in-class scan time means jobs are completed in no time. And it’s easy on the eyes in more ways than one. With a large 5-inch high-res display, it not only enhances staff interaction with the device, it improves customer experience as well. And it works with wet hands or gloved hands. Even the batteries make your enterprise more powerful because when the cell stop working, productivity doesn’t. And easy swap-ability practically eliminates downtime. The TC5 Series gives you important business connections, like enterprise wi-fi and 4G LTE. sexy, smart, strong, thin and light, and tough and durable. With standing drops onto concrete from up to 5 feet. It even stands up to water. And with Mobility DNA, you get unmatched productivity, simpler management, and easier integration. It’s all backed up by the unrivaled, round-the-clock support you’ve come to expect from Zebra. Beauty, brains, brawn. The TC5 Series has it all. And it’s all business. Zebra, visibility that’s visionary.

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  1. I wouldn't go too far outside the Enterprise with a Zebra t5x series. The Hexa-core chip design doesnt play well running multiple instances. My tc56 w/ gms and setup as a consumer only device on google services (no Enterprise Zebra apps 'setup'!) Only using Android google apps, after a week on a fresh full wipe suddenly froze up no matter what app is running. Games are very smooth faster then s6 samsung. Just not built for anything but the apps this device was design for, the enterprise. Thats a downer. I would love to see what it can do rooted…just sayin. For the cost of these devices, if its running Android platform, they should run like a 1.8Ghz Hex-core without slowing down.

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