Zebra Technologies – Dominium Success Story
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Zebra Technologies – Dominium Success Story

March 1, 2020

Dominium started in 1972. Today we have a
little over 25,000 apartments. We were a couple of years right now into a
strategic plan to double in size. So we started that plan when we were at about 20,000
units. So we have what we call Dominium 2025. By that point we’ll be at 40,000 units.
Due to scalability and also due to a lot of inefficiencies within our site
operations we had had a desire to move to a digital platform. So our director of
IT found emkat and brought them in to bring a device solution. With our old
process we used paper-based work orders. We would have to come back to the office
every time a new work order was called in and then go to the unit and then
bring the actual work order back to me with his completed technician note. I
would then at the end of the day spend my last hour or more entering in and
closing out every resident work order. Many organizations have been using
paper-based systems for so long it just becomes commonplace, that’s the way the system works. But by bringing that into the digital
regime they can increase the speed and the efficiency 2x, 3x, 4 and improve
both the efficiency of the organization and, most importantly, the customer
service. Now that we have that implemented, it pings to him, he does it,
I get to follow up that same day with the resident to make sure that we
have met their satisfaction of need. Our work orders doubled in the first year.
So things that weren’t generating work orders before, now the guys are
generating them as they’re on site. Dominion is a great example of how sense,
analyze, act, not only improves the efficiency of the business to make them
more profitable, but more importantly it improves the quality of the job that
they do, and in this case for their customers or for their residents. They
can instantly enter that into the device and it becomes instantaneous. So the
analyze is they can see where the problem is and they can enter it in the
database so that the final stage, the act, can happen almost instantaneously. We have gone from 810 seconds per work order to 210 seconds work order with the
exact same staff. Our inspection time went from 1560 seconds down to 210 seconds. We are driving a significant efficiency game with the
Zebra device. When we combine efficiency gained through both doing work orders
and doing inspections, even things as simple and mundane as printing you know
we were spending eighty thousand dollars a year for paper to print. The total
efficiency benefit is about 1.3 million dollars per year. We have a substantial
amount of turns every month and quick turns each month. By using the TC55 we’re able
to do them more efficiently and quickly because everything’s in there. There’s a
checklist in there for the maintenance team and it’s all updated in real time. It
saves the Dominion money, which is important for any business out there, but
I would even argue more importantly it makes it better for the resident, their
end users, because the problem gets fixed faster and people absolutely notice that.
Communication is tenfold better than it was before with the office staff, with
the maintenance team, and with the residents. If a resident stops them in
the hall and says, “Oh can you fix my toilet,” they don’t have to say, “Yeah go
tell the manager down the office, write a work order,” they’re like, “Yep, I got it
written up I’ll get to it right now.” The TC55 fit everything we wanted it to fit:
durability, ease of use, ease of support, and people can pick it up and learn how
to use it very very quickly. By using the TC55 there’s no room for errors and
it’s seamless.

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