Zebra Technologies: How-to use Enterprise Keyboard
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Zebra Technologies: How-to use Enterprise Keyboard

November 19, 2019

Hi I’m Amanda Honig and this is your EMC Minute-Ish. I’m going to show you a demo of Enterprise Keyboard if you haven’t seen
it before. I’m doing this demo on my TC 70 KitKat device, but you can run it on a
number of other products and I will give you a listing of those throughout the
video. So, let’s get started. So I’m running this demo on a TC70
KitKat unit. So I had to download the application from zebra.com support site.
It wasn’t in the BSP. So, once I downloaded it I’ll go into settings and
then you go into language and input. Let me move that closer. You go into language
and input, and then you select Enterprise Keyboard and that’s what now makes the
Enterprise Keyboard your default keyboard. So now if I open up an
application that requires the keyboard you see this new layout comes out, which
is much different than the standard Android keypad layout. You can see also
it has contrasting colors, so you can you know more easily see the keys that
you’re trying to hit. We did that on purpose,
and the reason that we came out with an Enterprise Keyboard is because we saw
that consumer keyboards don’t really meet the requirements of an enterprise
user. So what we mean by that here, you can see here at the top it looks like
there is different layouts that’s because there are. So I can easily slide
through to different keyboard layouts if I’m need to just enter numbers I can
get this version that has much bigger number buttons or if I have to switch
now back to QWERTY keyboard I can do that very easily and then if I wanted to
have just the special characters now I have the layout that’s just those
characters so they’re not all smushed together in one layout which can be
difficult to type, you might end up hitting the wrong key. And then also we
have gesturing that you can use that also makes the input much faster. So
let’s say I go to type my email address here and hopefully you can see that I’ve
got my name there and now I have to put the @ sign. So instead of just
having hit shift and go to that @ symbol I can use gestures. You see I
flick there and that’s the special character just popped up. So I can try it
again too so you can see here at the top. Now I’m gesturing and I’m putting
numbers in, which is a great feature because it cuts down the time, it cuts
down the steps that these workers need to go through to type in information, or
like I said before, you could go straight to the numeric layout and start typing
in numbers or go right into the character keys and start typing in
different characters as well. The other feature on here you can see this barcode
symbol that’s because you can also scan in your information. So if I go into the
next line, let’s say I had information in the barcode, I can can it, and now that
input went right through there. So it took out the need for me to have to type
anything in or if you know you go to a different step in the task and
there’s the need to scan something you can go right into the scan application
and start scanning without having to move in and out of applications. So it’s
a really great keyboard to help in those Enterprise types of functions. Other cool
thing that you can’t actually see but you have the capability is that you can
create custom dictionaries. So if there’s common terminology that’s used for a
particular work task or a particular company you can program those words in
so now you have those to just auto fill in the content that you need to put into
those pieces. So, that is Enterprise Keyboard. It is, like I said, available
here on the TC70 with KitKat. Other KitKat devices: the MC40 and the TC75.
You can load it on to the device; it’s not built into the OS, and you can get
that right through when you go to the support center site on zebra.com. Our
Lollipop devices right out of the box: MC40 TC70, TC75, and the ET50. You
can, the lollipop versions have it right out of the box, so that means that
when you go in and you get your device that is Lollipop you should just go into
settings and go right into language and input and the
keyboard should be there for you to be able to select. And we also have it on
our Marshmallow products. So TC51, TC56, the TC70 X and the TC75 X also have
Enterprise keyboard out of the box in the operating system. So, that was your
Enterprise Keyboard demo. Thanks for tuning in.

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