Zebra Technologies: Mobile Printers, NRF 2016
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Zebra Technologies: Mobile Printers, NRF 2016

March 1, 2020

Hi my name is Scott Lane, I’m a product manager with the mobile printer group, and we’re here to talk about our family of mobile printers today. Mobile printers are generally a productivity enhancing tool. They save the time of running back and forth through a centralized printer, and they also cut down on the amount of errors that can happen when you bring a batch of labels from a sensitive printer out to the store floor, and try to apply them all at once. The first family we are going to talk about is the QLN family. The QLN is generally an inside the four walls printer. We have three models the 220, the 320, the 420. The 220 and the 320 are used primarily for pricing management, both shelf-edged labels and markdown labels. The 420 is primarily used in a warehouse for picking labels, packing labels, and shipping labels. Hello and I’m Luis Rosales, I’m the product manager for product printers, and I’m here to introduce our newest and most rugged mobile printers, the ZQ500 series. We have the ZQ510 and the ZQ520, which are used mostly outside the four walls like in garden centers, or lumber yards, and then we have our lightest mobile printers the MZ series, which are used during the day most of the time very light, and less rugged.

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  1. Can we use a bluetooth dongle from a serial port from a scale to capture gross tare net and date and print on a label? or who do we contact for technical support?

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