Zebra Technologies: Rugged Tests for Retail Devices
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Zebra Technologies: Rugged Tests for Retail Devices

February 25, 2020

Zebra has the right purpose-built device
for any retail environment. With a diverse range of retail
environment, and a diverse range of users across each retail environment it’s very
important that the device’s be rugged enough to be used across every different
use case within the retail environment. The ruggedness and durability are key
components of our mobile devices, but we haven’t compromised usability and
designed to achieve it. Our devices are very ergonomic and
lightweight. They’re very user friendly with all touch display and the Android
operating system, which is the world’s most popular operating system today. Zebra’s mobile devices undergo rigorous
durability testing that include meeting basic requirements as well as test that
go above and beyond to simulate real-world worker environment. Some of the tests include drop testing across multiple surfaces such as concrete as
high as 6 feet. We also do display impact testing to test the durability of our
touch panel. We also have ingress protection sealing that we test. This
test makes sure that water or dust don’t get into the device. We also have IP67
testing where we submerge a product into one meter of water for 30 minute to make
sure that water doesn’t seep into the units. We also test across the operating
temperatures down to -20 degrees Celsius extreme cold, and up to +50
degrees Celsius in extreme heat. On top of that we also do tumble testing, which is a continuous drop of the device we do in some cases 2001 meter temple test,
which simulate the real life time abused that these devices will endure. Zebra’s
mobile devices are built to last for three to five years with service and
support offerings available throughout that time, and available for a further
five years after that product is gone end of life. Wish consumer grade smartphones their lifecycle tend to be shorter probably between 12 to 18 months.
For retailers who are rolling out possibly hundreds or thousands of
devices a churn like that can become very expensive to manage. The reason that
choosing the right device is so important is because choosing the wrong
device can really frustrate users and IT managers, which can lead to a loss in
productivity. It can lead to an increase in cost. Zebra’s mobile devices are
purpose-built for the enterprise. Consumer grade devices are made
obviously with the end consumer in mind. Retail isn’t the primary focus, and
that’s the big difference.

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