Zebra Tries to Kill Foal While Mother Fights Back
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Zebra Tries to Kill Foal While Mother Fights Back

November 4, 2019

This footage will distort any view you might have had of these striped dazzlers of the bush. Footage captured by Daniel Tjärnén, in Etosha National Park, Namibia. Tjärnén describes the moment as a “once in a lifetime sighting!” He explains to LatestSightings.com: “We were driving up to this waterhole, hoping to see some predators” Trying to predict what you’ll see in the bush is never easy. “Instead of predators, we saw this dazzle of zebras drinking from the waterhole.” “Then one zebra started actively attacking a young foal.” “First, it was a bit shocking but then I thought – it’s the way of nature”. Daniel immediately started filming and sent the video into Latest Sightings’ Film and Earn Program! “After a long battle between the male, mother and foal, the zebras disappeared behind the trees.” Tjärnén speculates: “It probably wasn’t his baby and felt threatened that it would grow up and take over the territory.” “It survived for the time being, but it looked injured. Maybe it was chased off or killed later on by a passing predator.”

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  1. Wtf ok I know these are wild animals but um you just gonna not react to a zebra kill its own child? Like what was the reason bitch

  2. That's amazing, terrific how God or whatever superiror mind has coded the brains of living creatures. How complex and sophisticated the code of the Earth's biosphere is… It's just unfathomable…. I'am wondering if male zebras target to kill only male offspring or female offspring as well?

  3. I finally had to mute it. Those whiny little tweens were getting on my nerves. This is real life little girl, not the Disney jungle ride.

  4. People go around hunting innocent elephants for tusks to get money but won’t shoot at a zebra trying to kill his kid. Human logic.

  5. People crying in this video about a baby almost dying when they personally kill babies everyday by drinking milk. … Wake up and see dairy is scary.
    Dairy cows must be pregnant to produce milk, after birth the baby is taken away immediately in order for HUMANS to take the milk. The baby goes to a veal farm (awful) and then dies days later…. Have compassion for all life, farmed animals too.

  6. Ffs are these idiots not told that this is nature and graphic shit will go down! Don’t let them come if they can’t handle it.

  7. And this ladies, is the reason you need to stay with the father of your children. Step-dads aren't gonna treat your kid like their own.

  8. Who need ads that sucking data about 5 secs and very intens?

    Damn profits they have earned so far by force from millions of viewers.

    They should pay for it. Not us!

  9. Animal rights activists think being in a zoo is too stressful for wild animals! Looks like being in their natural habitat is even more stressful and deadly.

  10. It's disgusting not to help that little beautiful baby Zebra, it is very shameful that we lost all compation for others, all humanity is going to hell

  11. People are allowed to have emotions leave the lady alone what if it was a human man tryna kill a child same thing thing shut uo

  12. Great video though it could have been better if those god damn annoying fucks would shut the fuck up and stop their fucken crying! Bitch ass pussies!

  13. It's nature!!! These wining idiots think animals think like humans…ITS NATURE!!! DAMN don't go on trips like this if you expect to see animals predictor and pray playing with each other…

  14. This FUCKING girl crying in the background needs to go, or get gagged lol. Why did you go to Africa to see the wild if you can’t handle this shit?

  15. Lol they get so compassionate, help him help him, maybe it's a female zebra? and change the scenario and it's two humans doing the same thing, and they'd be all cheering satisfying there daily bloodlust for violence…

  16. Girl shut up it's nature like why you feel so bad it's nature bc some animals don't like babies and it's not bc it's a male so think again

  17. Boy are you people lost. Obviously Maury just read the test results and he's "Not" the father.
    "RUN little bastard zebra as fast as you can! Your mama husband on your @$$"!

  18. Do you know why Lions are like cops? They are never around when you need one, It would've been nice for a few lioness to come by and have that mean Zebra for lunch.

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