ZEBRA VIDEOS FOR KIDS – Facts about Zebras for Children, Preschoolers and Kindergarten
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ZEBRA VIDEOS FOR KIDS – Facts about Zebras for Children, Preschoolers and Kindergarten

October 19, 2019

Zebras for kids. Let’s learn interesting facts about zebras. Zebras are some of the most recognizable animals
in the world. You can identify zebras by its black and white
stripes. Zebras are part of the horse family. Their closest relatives are horses and donkeys. But unlike them, zebras have never been truly
domesticated. Zebras live in the plains and grasslands of
southern and eastern Africa. A plains zebra can be 4.6 ft tall and weight
700 pounds. Every zebra has a unique pattern of black
and white stripes. Zebras have thick bodies, thin legs, a tufted
tail, and a long head and neck sporting a short
mane. So why do zebras have stripes? Scientists aren’t entirely sure. Their stripes may have evolved to keep biting
insects away, or to control the animal’s body heat. Each individual’s stripes are unique. They are just like our fingerprints. So they may also have a social purpose,
for example helping zebras to recognise each other. Their stripy coat is thought to get rid of
more than 70% of incoming heat. This makes sure that zebras don’t overheat
in the harsh African sun. Zebras have excellent eyesight and hearing. Zebras stand up while sleeping. Zebras are herbivores, meaning they eat plants. The ears of a zebra show its mood. Common plain zebras have tails around half
a metre in length (18 inches). Zebras eat mostly grass but sometimes they
will eat shrubs, herbs, twigs and leaves. Zebras are constantly on the move for fresh
grass to eat and water to drink. They travel thousands of kilometres in search
of areas where they can find food and water. The average lifespan for a plains zebra is
25 years in the wild and 40 years in captivity. Zebras are social animals. They live in herds. As they migrate to new feeding grounds, “super
herds” may form consisting of thousands of individuals. They may even team up with other animals on
their travels, such as antelope and wildebeest. Zebras strenthen their social bonds by grooming
each other. Zebras can run 40 miles per hour. They can even outrun a lion! A baby zebra is called a foal. Baby zebras can walk just 20 minutes after
birth and can run after an hour. There are 3 species of zebra: the plains zebra,
the Gravy’s zebra and the mountain zebra. The Plains zebra is the most common zebra
species. Zebras run from side to side to being chased
by a predator. Predators to zebras are lions, cheetahs, hyenas
and leopards. Are Zebras Endangered? The mountain zebra and Gravy’s zebra are
endangered. The plains zebra is much more plentiful. Zebra crossings, which are pedestrian crossings
are named after the black and white stripes of zebras. In Ancient Rome zebras were trained to pull
chariots at circuses. They were called “hippo tigris” which
means “horse tiger”. Thank you for watching this video on Kiddopedia. Don’t forget to subscribe to our channel to watch more educational videos for children.

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