Zebra ZT230 How-To Manually Calibrate Ribbon and Media Sensors
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Zebra ZT230 How-To Manually Calibrate Ribbon and Media Sensors

January 9, 2020

Calibrating the ribbon and media sensors
on the ZT230. If the printer fails to detect the size
of the media correctly you may have to manually calibrate the
ribbon and media sensors. Press the home key. Press right arrow key to move to the tools icon. Press OK. Press right arrow key until you get to
media ribbon calibration. Press Start. Pull media out and remove about six
inches or a 150 millimetres of labels from the liner. Rotate the
gold printhead lever up to open the printhead. Roll media back into the printer so that only the
backing is between the media sensors. Move ribbon to the right, away from the
sensors. Close the printhead. Press pause to begin media calibration. The display shows “CALIBRATING PLEASE WAIT.” Wait until process is complete and the
display changes to “RELOAD ALL.” Open the printhead.
Straighten the ribbon. Turn ribbon spindle to the right to
remove ribbon slack. Pull the media forward until a label
is positioned under the media sensor. Close the printhead. Press Pause. Press Home twice. Press Pause to enable printing. The
printer is ready to print.

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  1. Is there any way I can get a legal copy of this video? I would like to have it on my intranet for users to access at anytime (they do not have internet access) so they can see how to load paper. It seems the paper/ribbon only runs out at 4:00AM and they always call…. "the printer isn't working" after they attempted to load media!

  2. Think Twice about purchase, once they are out of warranty, they will not supply boards because they think you are not capable of repair. Only their 'trained' staff are good enough !!!

  3. I want know why every time when i power on the Zebra ZT230 Printer 230 it take about 2 paper during the


  4. I'm new to all these label printers. But I thought with this particular model, or with any "direct" thermal printer, that you don't need to use a/the ribbon.

  5. How do you get the printer to stop calibrating after 2 to 3 labels mine sends out about 20 or so then is finished calibrating and that us extremely wasteful.

  6. Recalibrate. Slide the ribbon away from the front sensor. Press pause. Front sensor is the ribbon sensor. Rear sensor is the media sensor. In my case we had to slide the media sensor toward the center of the able. Both the LED and the sensor with the philips screw above.

  7. Hi, We're getting ribbon error repeatedly. Suggest me a solution please. Printer: ZT230 industrial Printer

  8. During output if I have to print 1000 labels..currently I have to roll manually for printed labels ..is there any option to roll the printed automatically without manual efforts

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