Zebra – ZXP Series 8 Printer- ToolBox 3
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Zebra – ZXP Series 8 Printer- ToolBox 3

February 29, 2020

To clean the printer just click here, Clean Printer, and you have, for the printer, card transport and also for the heating wall. Three buttons here, where you can by clicking on each of them, clean the side card path, which is basically the transport from the feeder to the output of the card. The front card path which is the ATM mode, and also the cleaning for the heating walls. And you will have, in a kit with a card, three different cards with three different shapes and length. You have to use each of them depending if you clean one, or the other area of the printer. As you can see here, the frequency of cleaning is 5,000 cards for card transport, and 20,000 cards for the heating walls. So compare to 1,000 cards in a 330, you are going to be in need of cleaning this printer less frequently than the 330. If you know that the printer is going to be used in a very distant environment, you can here modify, you can go up to 100 cards cleaning interval. Where there is a compromise between consuming cleaning card and having a printer clean. So, it’s a bit of a discussion with your customer. For the cleaning of the 330, either you wait for the message to show on the OCP that you need to clean, or at any time you just press the Clean button here or there, and automatically you are going to engage the cleaning process. Print basic card here is a nice way to test out the printer. And there you have the choices of several cards. And you can create more if you wish, or you can create your own card. So what you do there you just select one card, you indicate if you want it on front or back, whatever. You take a second image, let’s do back for example, if you are using a YCA ribbon. You can add more, you can remove some if you wish, and if you forgot to set up the correct card, let’s say for example, PVC or composite, you can by clicking here at Printing Preferences, go back and reselect your preferred card. Just click here on Print Simple Card, and automatically, those two images, front-side/back-side, will be printed. You can print a configuration card which gives you information about the printing. It’s nice to have it, especially when you give the printer to a customer so at least you have a reference. And if you wish to reprint the same card you can just click on that button over here.

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