Zelda Breath of the Wild Upgrade Horse Guide
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Zelda Breath of the Wild Upgrade Horse Guide

August 30, 2019

and we’re back for another episode in
this episode I’m going to be showing you how you customize your horse in Zelda
breadth of the wild and as always hello so as you can see guys I’m still playing
Zelda crazy about this game and I’ve even made like a checklist of things I
need to do to get 100% and the game I’m going for the true hundred percent if
that’s even a thing of literally everything’s I’ve finished a compendium
120 shines done all the memories I’m upgrading on my gear to four-star I
planted your quest I want to get all seats I can’t think of anything else
really you would do other than that anyway in order to upgrade the or change
the look of the horse you need to come to either LM stable or the Foothill
stable and you also need to have a hundred percent bond with your horse you
do get a hundred percent bond by feeling it lots of apples or soothing it when it
behaves and so on so let me take my horse I’ve called it Shadowfax this is
actually Zelda’s horse and this is max bond so let’s take her out Shadowfax
obviously after Gandalf source from Lord of the Rings in case any of you don’t
know ah there you go that’s why I named it myself why it wasn’t named that way
okay so and now at the stable you have to come to this lady here the one who
saw of tending to the horses so let’s talk to her well let’s talk to so hello
there traveller welcome to our stable you will stay a while won’t you Oh oh that’s a mighty fine horse you have
though my site she sounds awfully lot like a a man’s it’s amazing if you’re
interested I may help you change your horses gear and mane
yes please oh but you should know I’m only interested in horses are all raised
with lots of love how’s your horse faring on that front hmm wow this one’s
eyes a positively sparkling with affection I can tell this little one is
just head over heels for you that sells it I’ll gladly help you out with some
gear nice what would you like to change okay so let’s change the name we’re
gonna make it a nice style let’s make it purple to go to the mystery theme yes
what else bridle okay what not I don’t have any others yeah okay I think you
get bridles and saddles from the amiibos and possibly and I think there is a
quest to get some as well the saddles you don’t have any saddles
yet okay so I need to do more quest to get riders and saddles but at least I’ve
changed the main to be puzzle so that’s how you do it guys so you have to get
your horse to max bond you have to bring it to these places and that’s it so
let’s ride huh there we go and that’s it so now I’ve got the because purple is my
favorite color basically so she looks really really
nice and she’s a very powerful horse I think the only horse more powerful than
her is the Epona house but to get it you need the smash brothers late number four
amiibo which is very expensive if you don’t already own it so anyway guys
that’s it for this episode thank you for watching and as always good bye from me
good bye from link and goodbye from Shadowfax bye guys

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